Another Mother’s Day…..Same as the other Mother’s Days

Woke up early, as I always do, and I read things. Some days more, some less, depends on how active the blogs have been and if its a big news day. No and no, so I move over to World Net Daily, which is not usually very good on Sundays, but, Patrice Lewis has written a Mother’s Day piece that I’m sure she feels is a powerful rebuke of young women’s behavior…these days….

I like Patrice Lewis, I like her politics, I like the way her and her husband seem to have ordered their family life, I like that they are off the grid so to speak and all about self reliance and self sufficiency, suffice to say I was surprised to find her writing something as pedestrian as the piece Stupid Mother’s.

The title, combined with what I’d expect from Patrice, made me optimistic, but surprised that a very well read socon website like WND would feature a rebuke of Mothers on Mothers Day. My optimism was misplaced, my surprise was well placed.

She starts off drawing me in with what seems to be the laying of a decent rhetorical foundation, from which she can drill into the problems that actually exist in the world, and specifically in the church, with women, dating, marriage, motherhood, and frivolous divorce.

 Mothers Day….mothers everywhere are smothered in a suffocating layer of syrup and treacle and praise … whether they deserve it or not.

This column is NOT geared toward women who are already mothers, but toward women who haven’t yet embarked on the maternal journey.

In some respects motherhood is of secondary importance when compared to what comes first. I refer, of course, to whom the mother chooses to father her child. There are few decisions in life that will have a greater impact on her children.

Rather than offering all mothers unconditional vacant kudos and congratulations for having kids, I would instead question one of two things: One, how well did you choose the man to father those kids? And two, if you made a mistake, what are you doing to rectify it?

Not often I’m thinking “you go girl….”. But I stopped right away. She starts to deviate from it being JUST about the mothers choice, because other things can happen. I’m thinking these other things could maybe, maybe include a fruitcake of a woman with absurd expectations not willing to realize the practical ramifications of marriage and adjusting herself accordingly. I’m thinking she is about to go down Dalrock’s well traveled road about how Christian marriage and its resiliency has been reframed by an evangelical feminist culture in our churches.

But she hits the wall:

I’ll grant there are sad situations in which a spouse has a complete and total personality change after marriage (due to mental or physical illness or other factors beyond their control); but in the vast majority of cases, women who choose poorly preferred to ignore huge red flags.

Yep, these poor women, if they would just pick only the men who will make them happy, stay away from the players, stay away from the mental cases, and choose from that very narrow field of good men who will make the perfect Christian husband and conform to the reframed marriage metric as described by Dalrock


Patrice flirts with balance, just flirts, by recommending that women be easier to live with.

why would you complicate your relationship with this treasured person by being difficult to live with? Why are you nagging or critical or cold or otherwise driving a wedge between you and him?

But left unsaid, still, is anything about the reality of marriage verses the overly romanticized expectations sold in church, along with the image of men that they are innately flawed but that with the support of a good women, they can be rehabilitated and become that man God (and the wife) called them to be.

She goes on to swerve back into warning women about those philandering and abusive men, those red flags that men seem to be carrying around, and that these young innocent snowflakes need to not be sweet talked into a horizontal position, married or not, by these cads.

She ends with what is sound advice, which like so much sound advice in church today, lacks real utility when the numbers in the social pathology of divorce are studied.

Don’t be stupid. Marry right. THEN become a mother. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day.

She seems a very down to earth and common sense woman. How then can she recommend violating the old 80/20 rule. She, like the rest of Christiandom, will spend Mother’s Day this year, spending 80% of their time on what has become (due to growth in the other side’s portion) only 20% of the problem.

(edit to add: Had I seen her husbands screen name before reading the article, I’d have been far less optimistic about its content. he calls himself HusbndOfTheBoss)



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