The Living Barbie, Can you design your own Ken?

I may be late to the party in hearing about Valeria Lukyanova , the living Barbie. This Ukrainian woman of 21 underwent extensive surgery, and endures hours of make up, inserts special contact lenses, and of course adopts the glassy expression of the famous plastic doll.

I will leave the fact checking for you, the images are shall we say, interesting, and in no way attractive.

The resident psychologist at Fox sees this as prophetic, that she portends the future of people emulating products. This makes sense, most people want something to emulate, even the so called nonconformists emulate each other, often becoming the people they seek to avoid becoming because they spend far more time concerned about appearances than those conformists they so loath.

To go with the Barbie, we can program in some standard feminist assertions and have her randomly generate them. They can release a Christian version, dressed differently and spouting Fireproof and Courageous dialog. The Ken doll male equivalent will be the white knight panderers, always effacing self, always supporting Barbie.

I doubt feminists like this Barbie. But, I have no doubt they can see the possibilities of designing custom made Ken’s for marriage! How better to tame a husband than to just make one?

My biggest concern is that in emulating products, I wonder, will all people eventually be made in China?


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