Stand on a chair and drink your milk…

Not much need be said. An attention craving woman stands her 3 year old son on a chair, pulls out her still lactating breast, and sets the boy to suckling. Lights are adjusted, maybe some wind is generated, and shutters open and close on cameras. One of the most intimate natural activities between mothers and their children is set down digitally, a magazine cover is rendered, and a boys life may have been put in jeopardy.


, A Fox News contributor , says:

The truth is that what Time magazine may have unwittingly captured and been party to was a grotesque form of psychological abuse—the parading into public of an intimate moment (intimate for mother and child) at the sole direction of that child’s mother, who didn’t stop to think that her child may not be able at the age of three to know what he thinks about the whole thing, much less to stop it, if he wanted to.

Seems this mom is of the extended breast feeding camp, at once feeding a 3.5 year old and a 5 year old, one of which is an adopted child, and dragging them to breast feeding sit ins to score activism points.
Question: Who is the victim? What I mean is, this activism….whose rights are being protected? Will a 5 year old child lack something if he/she is unable to breast feed at 5 years old? Should a child be old enough to text message mom????
“Yo, mom, got milk?”
“Yep, c’mon over”
Add this to the heroic Janine Turner as mentioned on Dalrocks site recently, and we have a marketable package of female perfection. One can barely contain the excitement thinking about the books, breast milk recipes, tips on sharing mom with her boy friend…nudge nudge….organic food and breast milk, Ho-ME-Oh Pathetic! But if she is single, this blows right past the God of the Bible, its full on Gaia nirvana.

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