Can’t Get to Second Base (with a girl)?

A prep school baseball championship in Arizona has been awarded by forfeit, to the disappointment of the team that received the win. Mesa AZ Prep Academy, it seems, has a female 2nd base player. The opposing team, Our Lady of Sorrows Academy, has a gender separation policy that is all encompassing. They seek to teach, and play sports keeping boys and girls separated.


This separation likely drives the evangelical feminists crazy. They insist there are no differences between the genders, hence why would they need to be separated? Mesa Prep. had accommodated the other school in two prior match ups by having the girl sit out, but she was unwilling to sit out a championship game.

Now she is grasping for sympathy because as she puts it:

“I felt like any passionate athletic person would feel (in that situation),” Sultzbach told the Republic. “I don’t want our very first high-school baseball team to win the championship on a forfeit.”

Well then, why not sit out and be comfortable knowing that you contributed to a season that sent the team to the championship?

I thought all this was about choices, altruistic things. Is it not that she had the RIGHT to choose to play? Well, she had the choice, and she made the choice. The other team also had the choice and made the choice. The POWER comes from the choice, and she choose poorly.


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