About Christian Forums

Notice, in the page list in the header, there is a new one called About Christian Forums Issues. If you click there it will be nothing but one long random thread where things CF can be brought to light and discussed. There is too much material there to ignore, and mentioning it on this page is usually off topic.

I hope, and fully expect that good blog topics will arise from this, and be brought here and written about by the guys who write here.

See the raw material at CF Married Area


3 thoughts on “About Christian Forums

  1. I’ve just started ignoring the married CF thread, it’s all girl talk. And the thread about women leading us out of this economical struggle made SMH. I would love to see how they going to do that.

  2. There should be plenty to discuss over time, I feel that since they censor almost all views except that held by the 3 or 4 women that run the board (not moderators, I mean members) there could actually be some reasonable discussion about some of the topics. I mean, look at whats happened there, NOTHING mainly, crickets, except for those 4 women and the circles they run in.

  3. Not really interested in the topics. All they doing is complaining about something or putting their belief on the table.

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