Ive looked at sex from both sides now….

And I have found that evangelical feminism has afforded women the opportunity to populate both sides of many issues, the one mentioned here is sex.

Evangelical feminists want to at once complain about male sexual nature, and simultaneously state, with no sign of internal conflict, that they have exactly the same nature, that female sexual desire and male sexual desire are no different.

There is more too this than just how silly that statement is. There is even more to it than the absurdity of the ongoing gender-meld they are hell bent on doing, where the genders are all the same while the individuals are unique snowflakes and are all Oso Special .

I refuse to cede that they were clever enough to cook this up, I still assign these rhetorical nuances to the nature of women as described in Proverbs. They arrive at these tools by instinct, not be design. This tool is the one that equates men and women by sexual nature because that then allows them to make what are REAL biological and created differences into what they will rush to highlight as male moral failure. “See boys we are just like you, we just control ourselves better” . I especially liked the one woman recently who said that she is just like a man, when she is having good sex she can’t get enough, during dry spells she could care less. That’s like the time I had the flu and 104 degree temperature and said I’d never felt better in my life, or when hit a home run and stated that I’d never made so many free throws….yea, like that.




2 thoughts on “Ive looked at sex from both sides now….

  1. It strikes me that without exception, those women I’ve seen online who complain that they want sex more than their husbands are the same ones who rarely, if ever, have anything positive to say about their spouse or about their marriage. If even a fraction of the attitude that they display online comes out at home, if I were their husband, I probably wouldn’t want sex with them either.

    Of course there’s somewhat of a chicken and egg thing going on, where the crappy sex life may be causing the crappy attitude but it goes the other way too. And I’d bet a bunch that if the crappy attitude changed, a lot of other things in their life/marriage, including their sex life, would improve too.

  2. What I’ve notice is that some women suck at showing their husband that they want sex. And just like Chaz said their attitude towards their husband is so unattractive that the husband simply isn’t interesting.

    The women in this article show me that these women are prideful. They are so brave online but not at all offline; it’s quite sad.

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