Do they not know they are being ABUSED?

I was reading this article today, and it struck me maybe for the millionth time, where is the outrage from American feminists about what is being done to women in Sudan and elsewhere. More importantly, where is a sense of perspective among evangelical feminists as they recruit abuse victims by parsing the words of women and assigning the label, abuse, to anything that makes a woman unhappy or uncomfortable. Do they not realize they cheapen the experience the women in this story have had?

If a woman was gang raped in an African civil war, then blinded and her breasts cut from her body, to then be sent back home, ostensibly “useless” , if that woman is abused, how can today’s evangelical feminist not feel remorse, how can she not be openly scorned for reading another woman’s words complaining that her husband wont share his feelings, and asking that women if she realizes that she is being abused?

How can one word apply to genital mutilation and to a man ignoring his wife? How can evangelical feminist women and their useful defender men hold their head up after so shamelessly exploiting the exploited?

I know how. Because one woman boldly posted, recently, on Christian forums that if someone would have offered her the choice top be beaten, she would have taken it over the emotional abuse she was experiencing.


Shirley’s husband would stick to small talk, she would try and try to get him to open up about his day, and he’d merely nod and grunt his responses. She grew disillusioned and depressed, so craving the emotional sharing she thought marriage should afford.

meanwhile Ker’s mother and others,

Despite daily beatings, Ker’s mother tried to instill values in him and to teach him about his country and his people. Some of the women I work with have also been enslaved in the North. Most are trying to physically survive and cope with the scars of war, rape and other forms of abuse.


Two tales of abuse. Equally horrible, no?






One thought on “Do they not know they are being ABUSED?

  1. Oooh, nicely done, sir! If I could stand to hang out with the girls, I might keep a mental stash of such stories to pull out when the whining starts.

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