Work, Provision from God or Means to Rebel?

I’ve been spending too much time at Christian Forums again. It does help me start to formulate and crystallize my thoughts. One I had today was how people approach their profession, I think most guys have been raised to be “providers” and that their job is a way to meet the needs of their dependents. The result of this upbringing is you have men that have been trained and disciplined in the ideal of self-sacrifice as entry into manhood and creating a valid foundation for an important societal building block, the family. Without that sacrifice the family is wrecked, no husband submitting himself to God and seeking God’s provision, no wife being thankful for God’s provision though her husband and no appreciation of her husbands sacrifice on her behalf. Having ejected this ideal there is not much left to build a marriage upon.

A man used to press himself to the service of society to EARN a family. The purpose of his labor was to support his family and his nation. It was sacrificial while also being rightfully thankful to God for His provision. (Of course this is the ideal, many men are greedy and self-seeking).

In contrast, why does a modern woman want to work outside of the home? Self-fulfillment? I’ve seen lots of that. How about freedom? Such as “I don’t want to depend on my husband financially, I don’t trust God to provide for me and I want to have the means to make my own decisions.” So the purpose of her work is entirely different than the purpose of man’s work. Her purpose generally starts off being selfish, this is the goal, not the failure to meet that ideal.

If I refuse to be dependent on God I’m a rebel, if He provides me a job and I refuse it I’m forgoing His provision for me. How is it different when a woman spurns God’s  source of her provision through her husbands job? Is she less a rebel? Is her cry for independence suddenly to be lauded by virtue of her plumbing? The feminist says so.

It shouldn’t cause us to wonder when the glue of man’s sacrificial labor for the family and society is eroded by the solvent of women’s selfish labor, nor should it cause astonishment when both the family and society crumble as a result.


4 thoughts on “Work, Provision from God or Means to Rebel?

  1. If you hadnt raised this, I would have. Maybe not from the same angle, but I read along the feminism defense network (CF) lately as you made a single handed attempted to raise point after point about how feminism and THE gospel cannot occupy the same space. You got the predictable “so you think God wants women abused, beaten, raped and imprisoned” responses, and the sad worn out torn down white knights who feel like they are doing men good by over confessing, saying men control everything and everything went to hell, hence men too all to hell, or whatever it was that Big D was saying. The other poor chap is just worn down and beaten by a system that has robbed his dignity over a period of years, and I hurt for that brother.

    Well, at least the lead feminist, in another thread, acknowledges she is not good with math, meanwhile she challenges sound mathematical facts by saying “I dont believe that, my neighbor didnt have that happen”
    She also said something telling….she said “thats not a stereotype, that is true”…..demonstrating a misunderstanding of what a stereotype is, and finally she expressed disdain at youth who are not familiarized with politics, meanwhile has admitted she knows less than nothing about politics, and has proven same with countless claims, like once saying “anyone but Rick Perry”, and (though not a Rick Perry supporter) I asked, why? She said she just knew, and didnt have time to really read in depth. This poster says that she knows how she is going to vote, but cannot stad to be told things are FOR women, just coincidence the man she will vote for is saying this and this and that are FOR women. She makes the claim that women are paid less than men for the same job, I suppose the dearth of math understanding excuses this, as its been empirically debunked so thoroughly that no thinking person tries to raise it, heck even Obama pulled the proof off his own website while he passed this goofy Ledbetter rule, as he knew he’d look like an ass. Women are not paid less than men. And, in some set of urban areas among professionals like lawyers and senior biz execs, women are payed way more than men!.

    Gubmits Luv Feminism

    Guess what, even when women are paid 2 to 1 what men are, they will still claim, straight faced, that men are paid more.

    Men are Smarter

    The feminists there are almost all leftists as well, one I can think of is not, and though she over complicates things to a fault, may at least hold to sanctity of life, but would never ever ever speak morality into the life of another woman. Women do not hold women to account…..period, never have, never will, for the most part.

    That thread actually rose to the top, meaning its packed with material for illustrative purposes about the thinking. You should know that about 75% of the time they’ve no idea what you are saying, not that its uber complex, its just too complex for the millimeter deep mile wide discourse there. The two most well spoken, meaning seemingly better read, happen to both be from the UK, which is indeed a problem for American English education and peer influence, but they also seem to be so smug they are unable to feel the need to think beyond the most pedestrian cliche

  2. Your change in tactic seemed to have at the very least outed out friend from NZ. You notice that not one NOT ONE has acknowledged anything regarding abortion and infanticide, not a smidgen of notice to that. It caused John NZ to make a classic non-sequitur in his last post, so badly Ive no idea what he was even getting at.
    There are some in the thread its likely best to just ignore, and you know who I mean, as it clutters up the board for someone who may read along and get something from it.

    This idea of equality needs to be layed out in the classic old -is it equality of opportunity or outcome-, there are no codified inequalities nor are you advocating for any.

    Why do I really even care….you may as well discuss it with a rusty razor blade, dull, but still plenty dangerous

  3. Yeah, I had my eyes opened to the NZ poster in that thread.

    And your right, I can get cluttered and have my best points buried by so doing. THey can just through so much sand in the air that everything gets obscured.

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