Its the Choice that Counts

Please tell me why the caterwauling about women in this election continues….nah…..I know why, and it makes me sick.

At least this guy had the straightforwardness to state the fact:

The issue for me in this ongoing debate about the role of women in our society and their vocations is not the career paths chosen, but the ability to choose a path


Equality means mama gets to work or not, and to take extra credit for whatever choice she makes because it was courageous. This whole insecurity driven thing about women bragging that they are women (made clear in a tag line on one woman’s Christian Forums profile that says something like “No one gets to define what it is to be a women and I am a woman and being a woman is awesome”) is manifest everywhere now while we tell even the most mediocre that they are special and can do anything they want. They can’t….and thats ok.

Unless they are women.





2 thoughts on “Its the Choice that Counts

  1. The hypocritical thing is that feminists only fight for choice if you choose what they think you should. Women who choose to stay at home and raise their kids are often ridiculed and attacked sometimes almost as viciously as us evil partiarchial men are. So “choice as long as ytou choose what we say you should” would be far more accurate.

  2. Comedian Tim Allen summarised it nicely. While women now have the freedom to make allthese choices, men have just two. Work, or go to prison.

    Given the increasingly unrealistic child support obligations the courts impose, we could see a return of the debtor’s prison. Fine way to turn back civilisation by locking up its most productive members so that the leeches, oops, special snowflakes and forguven daughters of the king can get on enjoying all those choices.

    Hope they enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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