BatCrap Nutty


Random comment from random man driven batcrap nutty by random wife:


While all women are to blame for all problems in the world, I’ve decided that staying drunk and overpaying the day care center are distractions enough to help me through being sexually neglected by my verbally abusive wife.
My wife said she was gonna leave, so I said no way buster, you do that and I will get us evicted.

I dialed 911 and TOLD them cops that I would NOT pay the mortgage…they seemed to be annoyed and didn’t really care.

So, I called friends….

If only those cops would learn to communicate like women, they’d have sent the “chat me up” squad over and we could have emoted together, not “To Protect and To Serve”, on their cars it says Never Fixing, Only Listening

Finally, a few weeks later the foreclosure notice came. I studied the individual letters in it for 5 years…and came to the conclusion that this mortgage had me in bondage and I WANTED eviction…

But my neighbor yelled across the back fence something about me being an off topic. Huh? I was arguing about the organic tomatoes growing on my fence line and how we don’t respect boundaries enough. ALL women don’t.

The dang feminists marched down the street and had the nerve to chant about not wanting to hold their husbands beer so he could use both hands, one for the stereo remote and the other the TV…
They could use some good ole submitin trainin!

My wife yelled out the front door, at the marching women, telling them they are not God, and to move on.


One thought on “BatCrap Nutty

  1. Exaggerated for humor? Obviously. But sadly not really all that much. I suspect that if asked under the influnece of a true truth syrum,the man who comes home and has a drink or three every night, would say that it has a much to do with dealing with his wife as it does with unwinding from the stress of working.

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