Leftism Greases Skids for Feminism

On the blog Patriactionary the following comment was made by Will S.

(They’re all right, of course – and connected… Feminism is statist and leftist.)


I agree with this.

We rightly point out that white knights hail primarily from tradcom places, and are wholly convinced that they are on the right track for men and women, meanwhile they support a an evangelical gynocentric ideology that is destroying men.

How then do we miss the fact that so many MRA’s are militant leftists? I think (anecdotal) that half of the prolific commentators across the manosphere are pretty much angry left wing ideologues.  That is not the case at specific places, like Dalrock for instance, but across the scape it seems to be.

Should we not be outing those with equal verve as it is a skid grease for feminism that they are selling?




5 thoughts on “Leftism Greases Skids for Feminism

  1. Feminism is leftist but leftism isn’t necessarily feminist. It is possible to be largely politically leftist, particularly if one’s main focus is fiscal, and yet not be feminist.

  2. I disagree, I think fiscal leftism is perfectly feminist. Whether declared or not, any leftist policy, fiscal or social, is a fit with feminism. Well, Im open for rebuttal, but i dont think fiscal matters rebut this

  3. But that the thinking fits doesn’t mean that one who is leftist necessarily espouses feminism as such. Certainly leftism, like feminism bases good/bad and right/wrong on feelings over fact. But it is entirely possible to be leftist in thought without beliving men to be inferior or women superior which is the core of today’s feminism.

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