Ask if Its Bad, Then Keep Doing It

Monique Honaman is by all rights a bright woman, a woman of letters so to speak, so when she asks her readers (who its reasonable to assume are mostly women)

Would You Get Rid of Your Dog if He Wasn’t Doing What You Wanted?

She makes it halfway to saying something TO the right audience. I know I’m being overly optimistic in my reading of this one post because out of the other side of her mouth will come all the emotional skulduggery of modern marriage, complete with the “how to” lists about spotting the problems, and ending the marriage. But lets stay positive.

She makes a profound point about her aged dog urinating all over the house, asking if just giving him away would seem reasonable. Sadly she doesn’t realize the way the female mind will read that, and those who have easy divorce imprinted on their very soul will object, “but a husband isn’t a dog”. Women seen incapable of following the actual thing being compared in analogy, choosing the low fruit of silly juxtaposition while the actual comparison stands rock solid. For those similarly challenged, the analogy holds even if a per rock was in place of the dog, because the comparison is the rationale for eliminating the dog/rock/husband. I still fear most wont get that.

Well, one reader of her prior blog had the good sense to ask:

“You want to get rid of your spouse because he isn’t doing what you want, but would you get rid of your kids (or your dog) for the same reason or would you work on the problems?”

Would you toss this guy? Depends on the PC.

The bottom line, and the near miss, is here:

So many people I speak with, both men and women, tell me that their spouse came to them with his or her “mind made up” about wanting a divorce. Period. No discussion. No counseling. Over and done with. These people feel like they haven’t even had a chance to try to work on things. A decision was made — albeit unilaterally — and that’s the end of that.

The politically correct (or whatever reason) mention of men AND women ruins the potential to make a great point. If she had written that she has seen this occur approximately equally across genders, Id simply do a Joe Wilson…”You Lie!”. But she left it vague knowing that if its 95% women and 5% men, her words are technically correct.

Its a pipe dream, but when women started holding women to account for what women do, at least the discourse would be fascinating as emotion is pit against emotion, logical fallacy against logical fallacy, and circular but not overlapping reason spun faster and faster.

her post is buried among female enablers. I suspect if we return there is a few weeks she will be back to same as well.






2 thoughts on “Ask if Its Bad, Then Keep Doing It

  1. It is sadly true–but I emphasize again that this is not about justice. It is about revolution. Understand, in communism as with feminism the Revolution is everything, the individuals are nothing. There is no commonwealth; there is no sense of potential compromise. The Common Good is what the Party defines, not what people define together. So feminists encourage this because what they want is power. The divorce rate makes them happy. And Liberals do enable this–somehow the new secularism has decided that how people feel is what defines truth and goodness. This is how they open the door to it. If only they realized how they are seen by feminist and socialist alike as Lafayettes and Mirabeaus–as aristocracy useful only for the season.

  2. ‘and those who have easy divorce imprinted on their very soul will object, “but a husband isn’t a dog”. ”

    This is true. Many who espouse easy divorce put their husband and men in general faw below a dog in terms of value and worth.

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