Blame Men for Autism?

This article grabbed my interest because of my contention that women seem to be more prone to buy into nutritional and medical evangelism type things. Case in point, organic food and homeopathic medicines. While I have no particular bone to pick with either of those things, I have noticed that women tend to take on these with a religiosity that defies all empiricism. I have theorized that its just more manifestation of the innate insecurity of women today given to then want to micromanage everything and everyone in their environment. Food and medicine are movements for women.

So, after suffering through years of vaccine paranoia and hype regarding autism, this nugget of data jumped off the page at me.

Do you think women will react to this with the same fervor as they do vaccinations? Even though empirically its beyond proven there is not a cause and effect relationship between vaccines and autism, women march on and leave children at risk, not only their children but everyone’s children, by rejecting vaccinations. Now we have a hard data link with an impressive increase in risk of autism tied to maternal obesity.

When will the movement start? Will blogs proliferate? Will the media go histrionic?

Or, will this somehow be steered back to the nanny state and some government program that will remove culpability from the individual and foist it upon the collective?

Autism Linked to Maternal Obesity



One thought on “Blame Men for Autism?

  1. Yes autistic people are often targets of sick people who prey on vulnerable people. Worse, they sometimes blame parents when their autistic children is abused, as if the person with autism is less than human and somehow just being autistic is a reason you can abuse them! How screwed up is our world? Caregivers caught on tape punching, kicking and poking eye of severely autsitic man deny all charges also take a new twist by blaming mom of autistic child, for being a “high maintence mom” who demands high standard of care for her autistic son, as if that justifies caregivers abusing him! Just horrific. See channel 8 san diego news: December 27, 2012

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