5 Ways Modern Men are Trained to Hate Women

This is the title of an entry on Cracked.com, shown here: http://www.cracked.com/article_19785_5-ways-modern-men-are-trained-to-hate-women.html

The articles, of course, are all pandering to feminism. It is not possible that men have any reason for frustration with women–those men who hate women must be fooled by the patriarchy into doing so. I think author Wong perhaps is feeling guilty about his own less than wise moments about women, but honestly–it’s become such a knee jerk reaction, to assume that men can never possibly have a reason for feeling frustrated with women generally, and that men need to learn to be like that guy a few posts down who want us to know what its like to be a woman. But this should be disturbing. This is now common parlance; it’s normal to shake your head at men and pin a medal on women. But worst of all, in a Nineteen Eighty-Four fashion, it’s almost impossible to say that. To say that will simply result in the cry of “You must not believe in gender equality!”




19 thoughts on “5 Ways Modern Men are Trained to Hate Women

  1. I couldn’t even be bothered to read it. Usually I love Cracked, but now I wonder if they even know their audience. I guess I should go back and read the comments, those folks are merciless!

  2. Wow

    That is every lazy cliche ever conceived and a lame attempt to make it over the top-ish and funny. There are no safe venues, religions, drama, humor, adverts, whatever…..none….except the (growing number) manosphere sites.
    Take encouragement I see daily more and more men getting the Rx for the red pill, and making first comments on sites like dalrocks saying “wow I never realized all this”.

    Also, somewhere in the last couple of says someone linked up a NYT article or some MSM article where men swarmed it and blew back. There are not that many guys reading and writing in the MRA MRM blogosphere to overwhelm a main media site that fast, this means that regular folks feel a stirring in the force, they realize they have a schwarz, and need to move at ludicrous speed to protect it, some have even been told they are Dark Helmets neighbors cats cousins masters elementary teachers room mates, making them absolutely unrelated.

  3. Somewhat ironically, it was pointing out the difference in how a man acting badly toward women is treated so differently than how a woman acting badly toward men that is what got me tossed from CF.

    The article, as much of it as I could stomach, seems to be assuming or assigning bad intent to men who have an issue with women. It’s portrayed as a character defect inherent to men. Or written off as men having an issue with having to treat women as equals. Now if a woman displays an identical attitude toward men, the immediate assumption is that she’s got a good reason. That she was treated badly by a man in her past or some other reason.

  4. Sorry, I have two emails attached to my blog. Everything used to default to the Suz/blackhound one, then I registered at WordPress and Gravatar. I’ve lost track of the details, but somebody wouldn’t let me use “Suz.” I have no idea what name is going to appear with my comments anymore….

  5. not gonna read it, already heard it, Wong is just, well, wong

    in fact, the only thing Right is Wong writing for cracked dot com

    “But worst of all, in a Nineteen Eighty-Four fashion, it’s almost impossible to say that. To say that will simply result in the cry of “You must not believe in gender equality!””

    gender equality? never existed, never will

  6. I glanced the subtitles and my stomach started to turn. Yep closed that tab.

  7. Chaz is right…it IS believed that women have reason if they are angry with men, but that men can have no possible reason for being angry with women save if they are deceived by the Patriarchy. Very dangerous philosophy. It removes any real moral responsibility from women.

  8. Well when you’ve got an admin, one who is believed by male staff to be one of the best they’ve ever seen, who is openly and actively hostile toward men, yeah the place is not friendly to men at all.

  9. Sort of like the conventional wisdom is that women who file divorce have good reason but men who do so are just scumbags looking to trade in for a younger model.

  10. Yessirs

    Im in San Antonio, which as chaz, and souj know is one of the ports of the death star, hence there is a disturbance in the force I think.

    Im at a convention so unable to read or post anywhere.

  11. well I’m thinking it’s time for me to leave as well. There isn’t anything interesting there anymore. Plus a select few dominates everything now so I see no point of posting there anymore.

  12. If by ports in the death star you mean places where these attitudes we’re discussing are less prevalent, and where things may be starting to change, I’m not sure I agree.

    Oh duh, I just realized that you mean that you are within figurative throwing distance from Dallas/Fort Worth home of, well not sure.

  13. A few months back a male friend and I were sitting around the house discussing the manosphere. For the most part he’s still in denial about the gender war but he is coming around. I took that as a good opportunity get him detoxed from the blue pill. Another mutual female friend overhears part of the conversation and thus decides to interject some shaming language. She comes in and says ” Cavin, if you keep talking to Mike, he’ll make you hate women.” Instantly, Cavin’s response was “Mike doesn’t make me hate women – WOMEN make me hate women.” Total shut down. She got the deer in the headlights looks and left.

    The only thing a woman needs to understand why men dislike women is to practice a little self-reflection.

    Since you mentioned 1984 I’d like to point something out. Much of the power the state had over the ‘free-thinkers’ practicing thought crime was that of isolation. A thought-criminal believed that they were the only one. Or they had a vague sense that there were a few others but that they could never be in contact with them. The state even set up the Goldberg character as a mythical rebel to be a snare to the thought-criminals. We are currently practicing thought-crime against society. They hate it. The overlords can’t stand any thought that conflicts with their little narrative of female supremacy. Their intolerance of the manosphere will only increase.

    I like to think there are alot more men out there who have taken the red-pill. We just don’t hear about them because they are lurkers. Hell, I lurked around the manosphere for a good year before I actually posted anything. If you are a lurker, I suggest you engage in the discussion. Isolation of ideas is a weapon the femm-industry uses against us. The more people that shout 2+2=4, the harder it is for them to say 2+2=5.

  14. This idea that it’s women that are causing men to dislike some/most women is the key. They absolutely refuse to accept that the behavior and attitudes of some women, or the way that some guys have been treated by women is why we see some negative attitudes about women in many men.

    The hypocricy is that when a man behaves badly or exhibits negative attitudes toward women, it’s because he’s inherently bad/evil but when a woman exhibits negative attitudes or poor behavior toward men it’s because of what men have done to her in the past. It’s a clear example of the man/bad woman/good thinking that our host has frequently written about.

  15. As in the AWALT post, there’s this view that women don’t inherently have a tendency to mess up relationships but that men do. If women do it’s because they “give to much” or something like that. As in “I’m TOO GOOD as a person, I need to make it more about ME.” There seems to be an inability to distinguish between being a total doormat and living according to 1st Corinthians 13.

    We need to understand and accept something–feminist rhetoric has entered public consciousness. Sentiment and emotion and a sense of normalcy accompany feminist rhetoric. So for instance saying “to avoid date rape, you might want to avoid dressing like a slut and getting completely drunk and letting a guy take you home instead of your friends” is defined by feminists as blaming the victim rather than being practical advice. Saying “women have a sin nature as men do, and the Bible demonstrates that men and women tend to have different ways in which this manifests” is defined as “trying to control women through religion.” This is why it is almost impossible to point these things out in mixed company. On CF it IS impossible because blunt language isn’t allowed.

  16. I hope to make a post today, I found 6 related articles about this whole emotional intimacy thing and I am trying to write something cogent about that, it is taking some time because I’d like it to actually say something.

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