Banned from Christian Forums

I have been…..banned from Christian Forums. I have to admit I hoped that would not happen mainly because I enjoyed the men’s area. On the other hand, it frees up a great deal of time I was wasting reading and posting among the very groups I just wrote about here. Gynocentrism is everywhere. Few places have it in such volume and from so many different voices as CF.

That forum as being representative of the church. Like what would happen in a church, I was banned by a committee of women. The moderators at CF (Christian Forums) are 95% women. Even the male moderators have had problems with the women there. Women moderating men cannot work….period, sorry.

It is representative of the church and what is and isnt tolerated. While one cannot ban people from church per se, they can ban certain beliefs from being represented as institutionalized. These would be the same ones that have been systematically dis-allowed at CF.The posts from the feminists at CF are the letters a traditional pastor would receive. If he persisted, they would drag their families elsewhere until they find an ear friendly church, much the same as many of them have migrated to some equalitcentral website where a man states :

“Complimentarianism is male supremacy, denials are just words”

Talk of submission at CF is forbidden because members who subscribe to the so called traditional view are not welcome. Shux, there is a present thread where the OP asked if those people who DO believe in male led homes would speak to how they think that should look, and members that are rabid egalitarians cannot restrain themselves from venom spewing, to the extent one even insists the poor fellow rewrite his OP so its clearer.

Divorce, we have seen, cannot be discussed as a negative behavior.

Sex cannot be recognized as a need, and celebrated as a coequal part of marriage. If sex isnt kept in a low place, being a sort of bonus for those marriages that do everything else correctly, then its not welcome as a topic.

On and on, examples abound. With each one came new rules that say the topic cannot be discussed there. The end result is a married forum where marriage by biblical standards cannot be discussed unless its the full fledged feminist standards today’s church has adopted.

Now, Ive been banned for taking the topics elsewhere and discussing them where I will not be warned or deleted for stepping out of gynocentric bounds. The moderator banning me plainly stated that while there was no rule about what had been done, my taking topics elsewhere and pasting them “hurt men and women”, hence I’m banned.

CF is a great source for data to highlight the feminized church. like HuffPo is a good secular source for the gender insanity outside the church CF is a large multi-denominational sample of evangelical feminism from which I will draw, topically. I wont use names and I wont call anyone stupid. But the topics and views are fair game.

Some will accuse me of retribution. That’s not the case I assure you, I scan the internet all the time for things to write about. Usually what I find are articles written by journalists or at least amateur writers, blogs, etc. At CF its like a window into a busy church lobby, or the women’s bible study. When they speak topically, I will respond topically. That excludes any personal matters, and always has.

So, banned, permanently. Soft censorship violates no laws, of course. Its silly to make things like that a free speech topic.

Funny, during the outcry about the terrible pasting of CF topics to other forums, someone (rightly) said ”

I don’t disagree with that. But since the topic is what is posted at another website, I have a hard time understanding what anyone expects CF to do about it. They can only enforce what is posted here, and that’s not the topic at hand.

Really? They must want to control the whole dang internet, maybe Al Gore is a member at CF.




37 thoughts on “Banned from Christian Forums

  1. It’s just as well, I’m sure. I’ll bet you’ve developed a desktop-shaped flat spot in the center of your forehead. You should probably let that heal.

  2. I’m getting “contacts” of a nature that makes me think I will soon be joining you. I’m no longer really posting or arguing in there just monitoring. Too much fun. (not)

  3. It is representative of the church and useful for taking men who have a shot at red pill, and letting them see that the majority of the women in church aint got yer best interests in mind

  4. being banned in this case is positive — once you’d presented the truth a few times, the ears that would listen already had

    the others now must be left to their strong delusions, or you waste the time and talents given preaching to stones

    blog, write essays, make vids, preach, whatever . . . but dont let them bury your voice in their echo chamber

    “CF is a great source for data to highlight the feminized church. like HuffPo is a good secular source for the gender insanity outside the church CF is a large multi-denominational sample of evangelical feminism from which I will draw, topically”

    now that you understand them from the inside, they’ll make tidy examples of how and why the “chuches” are ruled, like secular society, by women

    the place where the action is right now, and increasingly will be in the future — including during the millennium — is at the intersection of Christ and the matrix-busting of global male consciousness

    all the major judeo-christian events and movements have been types of “men’s movements”

    you guys are on the ground-floor of Christ’s new church, the eternal one

    the opportunities right now are vast, and unprecedented — since the immediate apostalic years, at any rate

    make the most of it

  5. the place where the action is right now, and increasingly will be in the future — including during the millennium — is at the intersection of Christ and the matrix-busting of global male consciousness

    That is a good observation ray. Ive said for years to no one in particular that the church has a bunch of men inside that are natural allies for red pill addicts, but they have been drowned out by church women and evangelical white knights. Doesnt matter, this is an alliance of the faith based and the secular, a necessary -enemy of my enemy- kind of friendship

  6. Not to mention that the faith based and the secular are not necessarily inherently at odds in the first place. Certainly there are some extremists in both camps, those that want nothing to do with someone of a different belief in terms of God but by and large, even though it’s a very fundamental thing( no pun intended) those of faith and those not of faith really don’t actively oppose eachother all that much.

    Saying all that though I do wonder if the faith based aspects of this have a home, have a delivery vector in fighting out of control feminism. Can the fight against problematic elements of feminism provide opportunities to share one’s faith?

  7. Can the fight against problematic elements of feminism provide opportunities to share one’s faith?
    as it stands today, not likely.
    Many men you meet on the MRA trail are knee jerk rabid hostile to Christians. As an aside, I can understand why they are big time, take the white knights who went histrionic over the blog outing of the CF gals….no one wants to have to wade through that crap.

    But conversely therefore most Christians or open minded men are going to knee jerk hostile to the MRM also. Case in point I was very surprised by one guy in particular who commented in that absurd thread something to the effect of he has seen the truth about those guys now.

    Its almost that the two things have to be shared separately then merged, though there are groing numbers of MRA Christians, no small thanks to folks like Dalrock

  8. Its almost that the two things have to be shared separately then merged, though there are groing numbers of MRA Christians, no small thanks to folks like Dalrock

    it can be tracked over the past 15 years or so, but appears invisible b/c it’s happening at the individual, and not the group/collective, level — folks awake individually (“become disturbed” as Christ put it) NOT as a group, like in a church-setting (too much herd-mentality in churches for any real awakening)

    the existence of groups actually prevents the awakening of antifeminist consciousness, since essentially all groups, secular or “religious,” are enablers of feminism and matriarchy, and long ago accepted the false presumptions of feminism

    certain online sites have become very knowledgeable about feminism and the true state of the western world (matriarchy), but the folks with the broadest and deepest understanding usually are oriented to God . . . tho of course not necessarily to a “christianity” corrupted by the world’s systems

    it won’t be long before ALL real Christians are MRAs — that’s part of the process now taking place, at Dalrock’s and elsewhere . . . cutting out the false “pastors” and the fake “christians” from the Millennium that is coming, tossing their rotten hides in the ditches beside the King’s Highway, so what is good and eternal can pass through

    it’s true that many MRAs are hostile to Christ and to God, even so much as to trumpet their atheism

    as you point out, that’s largely due to the betrayal by pseudo-christianity of God, fatherhood, and masculinity, in the zeal of the “churches” to please Mistress Woman (who pays the bills) and her State (that passes her laws)

    this has poisoned the well, and in fact the “churches” have driven men and boys AWAY from Christ and from God, by upholding WomanNation and fem-culture, and by preaching (erroneously) obedience to babylon

    many MRAs, seeing this, confuse God with mere churchianity — separating the two, as here and at Dalrocks, invites real men back to God

    it’s happening, tho, it’s finally happening — tho these are the worst of times, especially for those of us who appreciate boys and men, the triumph of Global Feminism has actually created the seed-bed for Christ’s eternal kingdom . . . no doubt just how God planned it, they must be snickering in heaven

    keep up the good work

  9. Actually these are not the worst of times. The times I fear the most, for the sake of my two daughters, is the world they very may well grow up in. One where the worst of what the feminists try to portray as the norm in terms of women’s rights in the past, will come to be again. I say that because all great (meaning large not good) social movements have backlash, and the further and further past center that today’s feminists push, the bigger a backswing the women of tomorrow will have to face.

  10. I don’t think we’ve even really dreamt of the worst yet, although the Lord has showed me some foretastes in the form of dreams. What is coming is going to make what we’ve grown up in look like a picnic. I think all of these corrupted structures are going to come down along with what is left of civilized society. To much base animal instinct, self-serving hedonism, “Land of Confusion” crap for the center to hold out against the ends. What does that mean? The collapse of Western Civilization….then what? Utopia? I think not.

    Just because it’s not completely broke yet doesn’t mean it won’t break soon. I think Howe and Strauss were really onto something in “The Fourth Turning” )and I have for years.

    Here is Howe’s blog:

  11. “If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except
    precisely that point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, then I am not
    confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Him. Where the battle rages, there the
    loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battlefront besides is merely flight and
    disgrace if he flinches at that point.” -Martin Luther

  12. Yea I just came back and next thing I knew is something on the boards about privacy alert. It’s very sad that the women actually expected us to go there and defend their honor when neither one of them respect us or our views. It’s like we say, we get demonized for it. They also have the characters they love to talk to on there. As for the topics there, they are not even interesting topics anymore. All the new rules are crap, I heard about you getting banned and I was like.

    What he do now?

    Brought the link from another site which you have no control over what people say or think on. You posted a few comments and that gets you banned from a site where just about anything bible or male view is demonized. I don’t see a point of posting there. So I’ve been in the society thread where actually they talk about somethings that are interesting. But hell… I’m a man… CF is womanized and that’s the bottom line. Submission … throw that out the window…. Bible … mines well say culture and other stuff is going to rule that as well.

  13. I will be willing to bet that someday, they won’t even let a thread be posted without a moderator’s approval.

    I’ve been visiting the site for around six years, and have seen pillars of stability disappear.

    Now, women are ready to tear you apart at the drop of a hat. If you so much as even remotely allude to something like gender roles, you will offend many.

    To me, the way christian forums is going reminds me of the Anglican/Episcopalian church, which parades its apostasy around shamelessly.

    I almost get a glimpse of Semiramis, bitter and angry towards men, hell bent on power, murdering her husband Nimrod and her son Tammuz. Declaring herself queen of heaven.

  14. Welcome William, sorry it took so long to approve the comment. I was out of pocket. Now you are good to go.
    You are correct, its funny I saw one thread started that included a warning that if you responded a certain way it would be reported or something.

    They took an area that is for marrieds, and made it a place for women. They eliminated the ability to discuss Ephesians marriage, sex, divorce, and a plethora of other issues. They have moderators openly hostile to men, one –A New Dawn-wears it like a badge of honor.

    Now the two cities in Texas can talk among themselves.

  15. Well, Brother, don’t feel bad. I too was banned and told to return in six months to give suitable reason why I should be allowed to return. (I believe that equates to “grovel, please.” ) Yes, Scripture does seem to elude many there. Do any of us know how many months/days/hours are allotted us in life? No.

    Now, I had many a word with men on those forums who believe that women should lead men in worship before God (Assyrian, Cubinity and others). What began in the home has spread to the Church. It would seem that there are plenty of men who feel that God’s assigned roles of the sexes can be ignored so you can not blame it all on womankind. Somewhere in the communication of things, we women took God’s assignment to mean that we could not be strong of mind and body; that we could not be equal to men while being submissive. Submission to God’s established headship does not mean what so many have believed and still believe it does. There are more women than you think craving strong men, teaming with testosterone, who are truly willing to love as God loves the Church, ya know? Then again, there are a lot of women who wouldn’t know how to handle a man like that. LOL And whether we are man or woman, we are each responsible to God for our behavior so don’t worry about those at CF. There will be a reckoning! In the meanwhile, gentlemen, continue the battle for God’s established headship, as will I.

  16. Oh, and I just found this humorous writeup of another gent’s experience with Christian forums. It’s a wee bit off color, yes, but reading it made me feel good and I got to laugh at myself as well as the author. Check it out! Maybe it will give you a chuckle, too!

  17. One mistake youve made, and its a common one, is when you say “you cant blame it all on womankind”
    I dont
    Im just writing about the blame I place on womankind. men are already sufficiently roundly blamed and condemned, need no help from me to do that

  18. Oh dear….well, that’s not exactly the impression one gets from your posts here and you know, Brother, if you continue in this vein, you could end up burned in effigy! LOL I promise, I won’t be in the crowd yelling “Light him up and cook him, girls!” Seriously, I’m on your side; don’t you feel special?

    On another note, I do truly admire what you’ve done here with your
    blog. I’m filled with all sorts of ideas! If I start one of my own, I do hope
    you’ll accept my invitation to join me in discussion and I promise not to ban you or slap you with warnings or cpms. Fair enough?

  19. Dont take it personal, the small mistake….anyway, thanks for the nice words. The blog needs lots of work, its time I lack, so the posts get blasted out too fast and are a bit disorganized and mediocre writing. It will get better I hope, and sure, I will comment away if you write some thought provoking things, unless of course you are a poseur from CF here to taunt

  20. “Dont take it personal, the small mistake….anyway, thanks for the nice words. The blog needs lots of work, its time I lack, so the posts get blasted out too fast and are a bit disorganized and mediocre writing. It will get better I hope, and sure, I will comment away if you write some thought provoking things, unless of course you are a poseur from CF here to taunt”

    Nope, didn’t take it personal. I wouldn’t worry about the quality of your writing. I would worry about the condition of your heart and your witness and let God’s truth shine. Some of the most sincere, effective Christians I have ever met didn’t have the greatest writing skills.
    As to being a possible poseur from CF…no, I am not. Besides, I think CF staff is somewhat twisted about your wee blog here and I find that thought rather satisfying. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if others such as we could gather en masse here to share our wonderful CF knowledge and experiences? I personally would find that an excellent teaching tool for staff to truly understand the difference between mounting a campaign and defending one’s faith against bias and bigotry. There is a time and place in the faith for righteous anger!

  21. BTW, run a search on your hard-drive. Know what I mean? I’m sure you can imagine the right search words and letters to enter. Might be a good idea.

  22. Permanent Admin Ban,

    Reason given, none. If the last warning was any indication it was probably for something really obnoxious, like logging in.

  23. Scorched Earth Banning.
    The ladies allegedly banned as well, they have reconvened at Equality Central or some such named place. I looked at it once…….once was enough, and I am not quite so addicted as to follow them there

  24. “Allegedly” is probably correct. I watched an entire group of people, some of them ex-Mods, get perma-banned for openly complaining about CF rules and the community wide SoF stifling their faith expression as Messianic Jews (which it doesn’t). They were allowed back in a week or so. This group, as a protest, started a forum website elsewhere. and openly invited people from CF over there. A CF Chaplain and CF CEO Adviser also joined this rogue forum website at the group’s invitation. They’re both still affiliated with CF so apparently, even top staff can violate CF rules and be allowed to stay; an interesting message of forgiveness, for certain! I’m not so all fired sure that’s how God meant it to be but I guess we’ll find out in the end, eh?

  25. I just got banned for posting about how I feel Prostitution should be legal in the USA. I was posting in the American Politics section. They cited that it was “vulgar” and a “rules violation”.

    I was encouraging anyone engaging in that activity not to do it and repent to Jesus. But I also think as long as its between 2 adults who give mutual consent, its none of the govts business. I also think making it illegal makes it very dangerous for everyone involved, especially the sex workers.

    When they took it down and said its pending review, I said no problem” I am sure thats just how their automated system works, and when they actually review the thread they wont delete it.

    Waited 24 hours. Got a reply back saying how that topic is vulgar and how that its not allowed.

    What the actual f*ck? ARe these people serious? I just went ahead and replied the mod, “No I dont want an appeal but I am going to keep talking about this subject, you do what you have to do”. Then I posted the exact same topic, got positive response from everybody, and then my account gets banned.

    These people can literally go f*ck themselves. They sound like clueless d*cks who have lived a sheltered life. I wasnt being vulgar. I wasnt being hostile. I was posting my political views on the POLITICS PAGE, and I got censored for it.

  26. Well, I am a woman and I was banned too. I asked why because I saw some posts by people who had doubts too, and they weren’t banned. Also, when I asked why I was banned for “rule violation”, I got no answer. I wanted to know what rule I violated. The site has no phone number, and because I’m banned the “contact” link won’t work for me either. Are atheists not allowed on the site. I did try to be as respectful as possible as a longtime former Christian.

  27. I am female and I was banned from CF for just being a christian, and standing up to online bullying. They make it so that you cannot say anything remotely rebuking the moderators for the poor job they do. Its set up so that people constantly backbite each other and the mods turn a blind eye.

    Also, catholics are highly sensitive and always take issue if you say anything that’s the truth about their church. No other denom gets offended as bad as the catholics do. Everyone else is friendly and open about issues in their respective churches but catholics?Many don’t like the bible, hate people who even quote the bible. I would avoid.

    Another issue is if people are struggling and brave enough to post some of the difficulties they are going through, some people just want to derail threads by posting their opinions without even giving thought to how it would affect the OP. Without praying about it, without giving any kind word of encouragement or discerning the situation. Many people just jump to conclusions.

    I think the issue of how its all run, and I’ve been a member since 2011, is that the site is strapped for cash and is now asking quite blatantly for money. They have made all sorts of silly rules and make up new ones all the time when Jesus only gave TWO commands, love God and Love one another as you love God. Its very sad to see how its gone downhill and many many people have left because of wolves or hirelings being on the staff.

  28. Just want to add in regards to women..yes seem to be a lot of women on the staff are kind of drunk with power now they are ordained. Many believe they are in Gods will by being ‘strong’ I suppose but they can’t really teach women to love their husbands when they blatantly ignoring them or emasculating them. Not sure why this is happening really. Jezebels and Ahabs are kind of rampant now.
    Whenever Ephesians is quoted its like only one part is presented and its the verse that one side agrees with when BOTH sexes ought to be submitting to God.

    the whole chapter is here..

    Ephesians 5:21-6:4King James Version (KJV)

    21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

    22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

    23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

    24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

    25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

    26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,

    27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

    28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

    29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:

    30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

    31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

    32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

    33 Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

    I don’t see a lot of ‘reverence for husbands’ by married women on the site, but then again, many women do get into difficulties because they go against God and marry unbelievers.

  29. I got banned from there by someone claiming to be “FreeinChrist.” It’s not just a female thing, it’s a refusal to build on the rock thing. When the beast comes within view of that sandy beach, he will be welcomed home… and his first order of business will be logging on to Pauline-Christian Forums.

  30. As you can see, it had everyting to do with my faith in Jesus’ Words.

    “Dear JWO,

    I’m sending you this PM as your post quoted below was reported and has been reviewed by staff.

    It was decided that you need to be banned to the Support Area to discuss your views regarding Paul in violation of the Statement of Purpose for Controversial Christian Theology.

    Please open a ticket in the Support Area and discuss this with the Admins there.



    My views regarding Shaul of Cilicia is why I was banned from

  31. They have no real sense of fair play and some of what they do is laughable. They have this attitude we will win, and if you prove you didn’t do what it was claimed you did, they right out say they found or can find something else, lol. IOW, they actually start going through the thread to find something completely irrelevant, or different to what you were reported for, Something anyone with any sense of fair play at all would be embarrassed to do, but it doesn’t register with them at all as absolutely wrong.

    When I saw that happen, I realized they were probably kids, or very young, with no seasoning at all in the art of fair play. And that shows up in so many other areas as well. They seem puffed up and in their mind, they are doing “Gods work” and can do no wrong. Not saying they are Jim Jones, by any means but the same principle.,,,you can’t tell them a thing, they are of God so they are right. It’s actually worse than a secular site in that regard.

    They also make wirk foir themselves, IO guess it makes them feel important/needed, and worse case, they have control issues. Most of the reports I’ve seen should never have made it to a warning, They have too many poorly trained mods because they are too busy making way too much work for themselves by giving out warnings for virtually nothing.

    But again you can’t tell them anything, They ar a clique, “important people”. They will look you right in the eye and say how fair they are, when they have no clue, It’s them against the people, when it really shouldn’t be that way. Lots of insecurity showing up there.

    A good part of the time they are doing more harm than good by doing away with people that are actually doing something more than stroking their own ego. Sorry if all that sounds unkind, but there is something wrong , and those are the only reasons for their actions I can come up with, besides unkind is brought on by unkind.

    Oh, and some of them are just mean, lol, I mean real mean.

  32. Are you talking Or CF.Net?
    They’re co-owned by a husband and wife team from what I heard.

    I was banned from .Net yesterday for being “obstinate”. LOL
    That’s because I don’t have “DOORMAT” written across my forehead and allow their new Administrator “Mike” to use foul language toward me in PM’s as I reply like a cowed little whipped she dog begging for forgiveness. He loves that from what I’ve been told.
    Informing him that I’m not what he says I am apparently is grounds for being obstinate and ban-worthy.

    He apparently hates women too. He’s banned every woman the worst female on the board, “reba” , a former Administrator just weeks ago, attacks for their views in any one of her many sock account names. That include male names and identities.
    She’ s nuts! Seriously. She introduces abortion into any thread she can. Hates pro-choice women on the board as soon as they make their politics known. Then she targets them for inflammatory attacks she knows she can get away with as a former Admin. But if someone responds back in a way she doesn’t like she reports them. And they’re banned.

    Twisted. It’s amazing what passes for Christian there. But, we only know they’re Christian because they check that little box on the registration form.
    They’re also becoming insular. They use to have a board that visitors could post on without registering. Posts were reviewed before making it onto that board but it was still open to the public.
    Not anymore. Nor do all the new moderators and administrators have their contact info public so that when you’re banned because you won’t be threatened by email by lunatics like mad Mike, you can’t contact someone else and report that moderators twisted behavior.
    The “Contact” link at the bottom of their home page can be read by mad Mike and he’ll delete the complaint so no one see’s it.
    One thing about CF.Net, just like CF.Com, if you see long term members there, those with years long membership, know that they’re untouchable. They have little groups that like to stick together in their theology and political opinions. And new arrivals are a snack if they aren’t in keeping with those ideas of the old timers.

    Sounds just like how the Apostles got along doesn’t it?

    And yes, some of the moderators in their sock account version are mean! Real mean.
    There was a guy that was a real nut named Barbarian. That’s a great description. He got to be so bad at CF.Net that they closed his account. Now he’s on the board under a new mean twisted name, “Bull Of The Woods”.He’s full of bull alright. That name refers typically to a lumberjack.
    The really sorry part is he’s married to whack job reba!
    There’s a team that should have babies.
    Then there’s Jim Parker. He likes to think he’s attended divinity school and tells people that from time to time. This way you’re suppose to be very intimidated by his apologetic acumen.
    No, but you will shortly find he copies actual theologians writings from books he has at home and presents them as his own work. His alter-ego, sock account is, ForHisGlory.

    One tell that is alive and always noticeable at CF.Net. Reba is dyslexic. If you want to watch for her other accounts, her sock accounts, watch how accounts write their posts. One of her accounts calls itself “Ezra”. It’s suppose to be a man. Has a stolen picture of a guy with his wife and kids in the profile pic block.
    Reba also drinks. When she drinks heavy and gets in a posting mood, a wino like Hillary R. said she was in her latest book, she’ll start posting replies all over the board that are impossible to read. She’s already got a writing disability and when she’s drunk it gets worse. Sometimes she , as Ezra, will excuse that as being on her phone.
    What a party!

    Then again, someone who’s been there awhile that I know personally said that quite a few of the long term members aren’t actually Christian. They’re atheists that like to mess with Christians.

    CF.Com is the sister site that advances all things counter righteous according to the bible. As in, Transgenders, and gays, and gay marriage.
    The sock accounts there are staff members for the most part. If you want to watch the pro-gay, pro-Trans socks come out start a thread on those topics. There they are! LOL Like flies to honey. They think they’re playing Christians and knowledgeable Christians play them. Until they leave. And write warning posts like this wherever they can.

    And don’t even get me started about . The name, Worthy, should warn you.
    And No grace to be found. Trolls galore. They were banned from “Unexplained Mysteries” forum. (.com) Yeah, that’s what a mystery is. Unexplained!
    At UM they use to troll people and flame them just to watch them post mad. Then the owner of UM , who named himself after the villain in Lord of the Rings, Suruman? Don’t care if it is spelled wrong, started losing members. Really? People don’t want to be attacked in print all the time? Who knew?
    So he told his pack of orks to stop. They got mad and went their own way and either joined forums to continue their orkness. Or opened forums they knew would invite the kind of people they liked to feed on. In most cases, Christians. Which is where came from.
    Anyway, I’ve unloaded enough. Off to church! 😀

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