A Series of Unfortunate Vents

White Knight detector quiz.

Man waits for elevator in parking garage at 11PM. One stops, door opens, a woman is alone on it. What should he do?

A. Tell her he will take the next one so he wont scare her

B. Get on and ride with her knowing that he is harmless.

A? Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You are a white knight sir!

I found an article in which that example was heralded as the writers attempt to understand how it feels to be a woman, who face discrimination every day. He was very pleased with himself that he allowed her to ride alone not worrying that he was about to attack her. He is so addicted to female approval that he cannot see that her possibly seeing him as a sexual preditor justt because he is male is the only discrimination that occured in the exchange. His words:

Last weekend, I had an experience that reminded me to think about the struggles of women.
After leaving a dinner meeting, I walked to a bank of elevators that led to the parking structure
where my car was parked. When the elevator doors opened, I was greeted by a woman who
was headed to the same parking garage. Given the situation—it was late at night with no one
around—I told her, “I’ll take the next one.”

I’m not a saint. I still have so much to learn. But at that moment, I, as a man, made the conscious decision to calculate how riding elevator late at night with a strange man would make this woman feel. And by putting myself in her shoes (as much as I could), I adjusted my behavior accordingly.

This woman knew nothing about my intentions and nothing about me. Did I want her to spend
the next thirty seconds wondering what was going to happen to her at 11pm at night? Nope. I
wonder if she would have asked me to take the next elevator. I know she has probably been
conditioned to think, like so many women, that asking a man to take the next elevator would be
rude and presumptuous.

That night, I did what most women do for men on an everyday basis: I considered her
needs. I thought about how the situation would make her feel—not because I wanted to avoid a
reaction, but because I wanted to support her. It’s just not something men do as easily for

The links in his article lead to a  treasure trove of material for blog entries. Like with most topics, I get online, find something written, and chase the links in every article, further and further from the point of origin, sometimes so far that the thread that weaves them together seems to no longer exist. That’s a good place to stop and begin to work on a post. Thats how I found this guy.

Here is the title, link, and premise:

Men Will Never Truly Understand A Day In The Life of Women. But Shouldn’t We Try?

This writer Yashir Ali is a white knight extraordinaire. Don;t misunderstand me, I’m actually using that as a descriptive, not a diminutive term, yet. He simply IS a white knight, a male feminist, choose your nomenclature.

Here is his CV/bio, the most illustrative and telling part of the experiences chronicaled being:

In 2009, he joined the gubernatorial campaign of former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom as traveling chief of staff; he then served as Newsom’s deputy chief of staff in his mayoral office. He served as campaign manager of Newsom’s successful campaign for lieutenant governor of California

A friend of his apparently tried to tell him that his writing about women was an over reaction, and too emotional.

a friend told me something about a mutual friend who has been generally very supportive of my writing about women. She said he viewed my writing and advocacy on behalf of women as an “overreaction” — that I was overly emotional about it and that my views on what women really face in our culture is overblown.

His answer to that criticism is the point that takes him an entire article to make. He simply says men just don’t understand. That’s it. You can skip the article if you get that; men just don’t understand.

If it was simply a statement as such, men don’t understand women, it would be pedestrian in its commonality but it actually could be developed into a cogent piece about the differences between men and women, how and why that they exist and are just fine as they are. But he like white knights are wont to do deny the differences while simultaeously magnifyying them in an orgy of contradiction. He could have tried to and make the best of the differences but that would have pissed off a gaggle of giggling sycophants from which he draws his feminine energy. To even deign to talk about gender differences is off limits.

Mr. Ali, like all feminists, Christian or secular, and their useful white knights, talks of anyone questioning them being shockingly against equality. It is mentioned with inferred indignant inflection, incredulous that barbarians cannot just accept that women should be equal. Hey, its absolutely true. Women should indeed be equal. In what way(s) are they not?

His friend he calls Dana was subjected to unwanted cat calls on the street. When she rebuked the suitor he called her a dyke. Exchange over, exhibit one for inequality for women. To bring in experts he sites many studies. No really I mean his source is “many studies” as in:

Many studies indicate that almost 100 percent of women will face some sort of street harassment at one point in their lives.

I don’t care if the many studies show 100 percent of women report this or not, it is irrelevant to the counterpoint I will make, but I couldn’t resist following the link to see what so many studies actually said. It had to be unequivocal for him to appeal to it as authority, because lots of feminist claims are backed with only the statement that studies show X ….this guy has MANY studies to show X. Powerful stuff.

There are 13 of them [studies] in the link, each drawn for a survey taken in a different location. Never mind that asking women randomly on the street if they have even experienced anything they would consider street harassment does very little to render results that would withstand scrutiny. Here, that’s not even the biggest problem. Even if the surveys were scientifically accurate, only 4 or 5 of the 13 he listed state the 100% rate of response, the others range from 95% down to 68%.  To be clear, surveys of anyone about topics that are subjective and beg biased answers are nearly useless except as an anecdotal add on to actual valid study results. I read them and pointed out that even these loosely concocted things do not back his claim. The point is, in the feminist domain things are true because they are stated and they feel like they are true. It would be interesting to see how many readers even clicked the link, or just took on board his statement as fact. We’ve seen before that even the title of an article can be sufficient to convince feminist readers.

I have no doubt it could be annoying, sometimes even fear invoking. But idiots exist and always will, using idiots as evidence of gender bias is more of the type of thinking that creates a nanny state where rules are codified to account for what is the normal outliers in a society, and in doing so ruins the ability of the larger population to even have individual thoughts, so self censored they become to run the feminist laid gauntlet of daily comportment with one another.

He goes on to  conclude that street harassment is a huge art of the daily systemic sexism and discrimination women experience.

Street harassment is simply one issue that plagues women in their everyday life. They are constantly barraged with discriminatory obstacles that we don’t even see as obstacles.

These obstacles that we dont even see as obstacles are obstacles because they say so. And since we can never know what its like to be a women we have to just accept that these are obstacles, even though we cant see them….like that.

I’m not supporting street harassment here. I’m putting it in perspective. As cheap a retort as this is, its a valid one. Men have daily experiences at the hands of women where one conversation with a woman or women can wound a man profoundly. Women attack by making fun of men, rejecting men, demanding performance from men, and having low expectations of men that become self fulfilling prophecies.Rejecting nice beta men and baiting alphas is de rigeuer for women on the carousel. Men get hurt, a lot.  Do these facts suggest men must march for equality? No, these things do not, nor do the things he raises speak to the issue of equality of women. Some of these things from both sides may be social dysfunction, some may be tragically normal in day to day interactions, and others are totally natural observations of and reaqctions to real gender differences. These cannot me protested away any more than marching against mosquitos will stop them biting.

He then rattles of a list of mostly unspecific claims of other ways in which women face discrimination every day. Some are just descriptions of a normal daily routine.

As men, we will never know what it’s like to get up in the morning with two kids and have the
pressure of getting them ready for school, while simultaneously finding and juggling time to get
primped and ready—instead of the morning routine adopted by most men, which calls for taking a five minute shower and throwing on a suit.

Others are vague statements of more things we just cannot understand

Women not only deal with discriminatory behavior on a daily basis, but they are also loaded with
the baggage of their social conditioning. We must recognize that, day in and day out, every hour, every minute, women face lives that we men will rarely see and never feel.

And others are straw men

We don’t know what it’s like to deal with the burden of birth control. We don’t try to understand
what it feels like to remember take a pill every day, to deal with the insurance and associated costs, to
confront yearly invasive exams, and to live with possible physical side effects. We don’t seem to
realize that birth control is not just an issue for women deal with; it’s an issue that we should also take responsibility for.

What it boils down to is he listened to a group of women complaining about their day at happy hour and turned it into a gender conspiracy.

I do not believe these things are cyclical, meaning that we swing back and forth, across some fulcrum that represents balance between the genders. Feminists have taken extreme behaviors that sadly will always exist (rape, murder, physical abuse) but exist for EVERYONE, laid claim to them as exclusive,  then added minor socially awkward interactions to bulk up the appearance of the claims of inequality, and made the further and final mistake of suggesting these things can somehow be fixed. Sorry, they cannot. We cannot police rudness, meanness, foerwardness, personal space invading, or any number of things that make us all uncomfortable. Dealing with these things is an internal process for individuals.

By adopting these things as causes though, the definition of victimhood continues to expand. If we read these compliants literally, and add to them those analogous ones perpetrated on men, everyone is a victim all the time. March on that!

Its not cyclical. Its linear and its pointed at a big ugly stone wall. Cyclical things would go round and round from patriarchy to matriarchy. We will not be passing laws that limit a genders rights. Ain’t gonna happen. What we will do is destroy everyones chance at making the most of the situation we have, so steeped in antogonising plain speech and normal behavior out of existence. Squeeze the balloon it expands elsewhere, the squeezing has grown so multi-dimensional that the only place where the balloon will be able to expand is into pathological behaviors. Lacking the familial bulwerk against such things and the culture is ripe for the Thunder Dome.

But Ali worries about the poor fawn on the elevator. Had she been attacked and raped on the next floor because the good guy let her ride alone….what then? Well, he did his job and genuflected at the alter of the divine fem. And those geniuses would turn on him again contradicting themselves and he would be branded as responsible for the womans rape…somehow. Do not doubt that.

In this linear progression to gender pathology and chaos, he did find some synergy with something. He picked the right year to write about this.

I view the year 2012 as depicted above — female energy (2) featured like bookends converging with divine energy (0) and inhibiting, or enhancing, male energy (1) for a year when a kinder, gentler nature in all of us will manifest.

Maybe we will hit the wall this year. maybe the Mayans had gender problems too.

Whining is the crux of today’s feminism. All legal matters were cleared up a long time ago. Most were TOO cleared up swinging an imaginary pendulum so far that men are now at a codified disadvantage. In fact the only place in the gender dynamic that there are issues that couple be addressed, in code, are those that deal with men and family law. yet this white knight takes the whining at the end of an average day and makes it a gender issue.

If I were to raise the topics that men would discuss about gender relations, the feminists and white knights attempt to exploit that to highlight the altruism of their goal of equality for everyone. But men know how to deal with a bad day and whining as victims isnt the choice.

And even that pisses them off and becomes part of the oppression they experience. After all, we just don’t know whats it is like to be a woman. He says:

Having consciousness about the daily struggles of women is something that I am still learning
how to do. Like so many men, I have been conditioned by our society to think that women are here to support my needs, instead of learning that we are here to support each other.

Really? Like most men he was taught this? No. What he was taught, he was taught be feminists, who taught him that he was taught this. Unscramble that, it makes sense, trust me.

We are here precisely to support each other. Like a drummer and a guitarist are making a song, but they are different, the music of gender relations has become a monotone as everyone seems to by playing the same instrument.

I think the big band was better.



10 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Vents

  1. “White Knight detector quiz.

    Man waits for elevator in parking garage at 11PM. One stops, door opens, a woman is alone on it. What should he do?

    A. Tell her he will take the next one so he wont scare her

    B. Get on and ride with her knowing that he is harmless.

    A? Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You are a white knight sir!”

    Said white knight, upon exiting his later elevator finds woman sitting on the ground sobbing uncontrolably having just been mugged.

    See the problem with the thought process that says that he was a danger to her, that any man is likely to harm a woman is that it causes many genuinely good men to stop actin good. Not that it makes them do bad things, it just pushes them into pasivity to the point were there’s no one around to stop the ones that really are bad.

  2. You nailed him, and most manginas.
    They have not grown past panting in the back seat as teens, saying they are not like other guys until she raises up so he can remove her pants and get to what those other guys are fixated on.

  3. It’s the façade of the “nice guy”. Behind that, he isn’t a genuine good guy (i.e. a man with self-respect) but a wanker doing what he thinks will get him more poon and admiration from women. He may get feminists lauding his writing, but I doubt they get any tingles for him. A feminist tool in every sense of the word. Dishonest and disingenuous.

  4. The urge that manifest in the back seat was purely physical. Later, in an -I will take what I can get last ditch effort-these lame asses thrive on even anonymous screen named women telling them how courageous they are.

    pinkyquilter in Broken Bow, OK says, “Ali you are such a real man, it makes me feel good knowing not all men are after just one thing”

    FelineSquared in Blue Ball PA says, “you must have lots of scorn from the mouth breathers”

    ProudRefuser in Intercourse PA (irony, these last 2 border each other) “if men were like you Ali the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high, Im happy just knowing we share the same air”

  5. As I’ve said before, this sort of nonsense is proof that it is not about equality at all, and that it is about establishing power. Just as with communism (the root of feminism) the basis of it is a constant dread of the enemy that proposes revolutionary action is constantly needed until it has replaced every other source of power.

  6. A woman alone on the elevator. I would consider all the false rape charges & psychotic female delusions & take the next elevator. After a long day, the last thing I need to put up with is some idiot. BTW, when i am the first one in the box, I push the close button, for the exact same reason.

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