First They Came for the Sex Offenders

Reasonable people would not question the new progressive worship idea put to practice by The First Congregational United Church of Madison Wisconsin where they have started offering an adult only service so that sex offenders can attend. The terms of  parole usually include forbidding them coming within a certain distance of minors. The service is just a regular service, not a program or an accountability group, as the church felt that offenders should have access to regular worship. Good on them.

The reason I take ideas and place them on a hypothetical slippery slope is to see if they begin to , in theory, slide down it. In general the perversion and corruption of language and concepts in our country has made nearly any effort to help a defined group turn into either an over accommodation of said group (quotas, hate crimes, etc) or , as I predict in this case, too much of a “good thing”. Leave it to evangelical feminists to follow their feelings into more good things.

We already have certain international air carriers that will not allow minor unaccompanied children to fly next to men traveling alone, for the sole reason that they are men….that’s it. Statistics easily show the folly of this. But leave it to the American church to latch onto this program and make it better. How? By having services for only women and children! It may be offered on a weeknight, or an afternoon on the weekend, whatever the schedule imagine a service for women and children and why it would be offered.

There are so many single moms with unique needs.

Men prey on single moms, make them uncomfortable.

Single men or even married men around children is a recipe for problems.

Ive been wondering when the evangelical feminists would find a way to take scripture that talks about elder women teaching the younger, and scripture about women being silent in church, and twist them into a pro-feminist meaning. After all, any and every scripture that has something to do with gender has been reversed to be a hammer that women can use to control men. These scriptures that deal with women in church have merely been discredited, not yet fully reversed and corrupted, fashioned into yet another tool to use in the systematic conversion of Christianity into worship of the divine feminine, either openly, or simply by quiet acquiescence and accommodation.

Never fear, men can have their own service too. Then we can take the thrust of the ministry outreach to women, and the ministries for men, and openly incorporate them into the worship services. Women are encouraged, men are admonished, women’s issues are self esteem related, men’s are sexual dysfunction and anger related. Its been a struggle to use those paradigms in the regular church service with everyone in attendance because the appearance of balance and reason was at least attempted to be maintained. Once separate services are offered they can go to full frontal assault of men and shameless gushing and fawning over women, lifting the poor victims from the depths of their (self created) swamps of insecurity. Hallelujah.

The slippery slope test in this case took seconds to see the potential for major drift into more accommodation for women by segregation of men not merely by words, but by schedules and walls.


One thought on “First They Came for the Sex Offenders

  1. Not to sound like a complete jerk to Ali but did he study “women studies” in colloege.

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