North Country II

So finished watching the movie! Basically the movie continues to show more intense sexual harassment and worse, including rape by a teacher when the female protagonist was a teenager, and just plain harassment (she’s in a porta a potty and some of the guys push it over, which of course drenches her in filth) Now before I continue, let me say that I know that some people are subjected to genuinely awful abuse and harassment. But the point of the movie is supposed to be about how women deserve to be treated as equals.

I guess what has me wary is the way that this sort of film feeds the “Do you want Jones to come back” approach of feminists. Like that if a guy has a picture of his own wife in a bikini on his own desk that it somehow is sexual harassment of other women in his office, or that if in the shipping office of a warehouse if the guys have pictures of women from whatever the local news lite ppaper is that it’s sexual harassment. Bearing in mind that the pictures in both cases are publicly available; a picture from a public beach and pictures of women in a newspaper you can buy anywhere, that anyone of ANY age can buy. How do we get from actual harassment–to me touching someone inappropriately when they ask you not to, saying overtly crude sexual things to them and so on, to having no real idea where consent lies except ‘no’?

I think that the reason why I am not happy with this movie is that in spite of the excellent production values, acting and a well written story that I see the end results. It’s like those films in 1984, where you see that the Junior Anti Sex League are the loudest shouters about them. Eliminate the orgasm, eliminate the impulse, eliminate the family, leave the individual at the mercy of the state entirely.


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