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Please, post your dog stories, photos, anecdotes (dog anecdotes welcome) and other news stories. I know one (a story w/ a vid) called “the little dog that could”, if you google it you will find it, I cannot post it right now, I’m not in the mood for the tears it brings, but its a happy blessing of a story….just go search it out and watch it if you love dogs.


2 thoughts on “Loving Dogs

  1. I once had a German Sheppard that had puppies in the winter. I went to check on her one day and all the puppies were gone and she was in the doghouse by herself. I asked her, “Gypsy (name from previous owner! lol), where did the puppies go?” She led me over to a spot in the yard just outside the porch. I hunched down next to her and looked at her. I looked towards the concrete slab that was the back porch and noticed an opening. Sure enough. She had dug a cave to keep her puppies warm. I was already planning to move the puppies inside, but I was stuck at that moment!! No way could I get into that cave and I couldn’t even see the puppies. I could barely even hear them.
    So I looked at her again and made a scratching motion in the dirt with my hand. She reacted instantly and darted into the cave. She came out a second later with a puppy and placed it at my feet! Rinse and repeat nine more times.
    Just call me the Dog Whisperer.

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