Welcome Referrals

I want to extend a mid stream welcome to all the new visitors that have shown up from various new referrals. I assume its due to the recent dust up.

Lots of behind the scenes scheming is going on. The innocent doves are mining for personal information to use in order to silence all disagreement. They seek to silence those who deign to speak plainly against what they say, and hide behind rules about being “nice” in order to do so. Behind the scenes, they are not nice. They have personally attacked men, attempting to create marital problems, or even to have an effect on their livelihood.

Should we be surprised that the Christian feminists are as vile in intent as the stereotypical angry feminists? Can they compartmentalize sufficiently so that attacking a person, privately, in real life, can be seen as the moral response to screen names and forum posts making rounds on the internet? Do people see something stated under an anonymous name on a public forum, being read by folks on another forum, as the exact same thing as mining ones private identity with nefarious intent with regard to the persons marriage or profession? Clearly they do.

I used to think that marxism and extreme ideological comparisons between that and feminism were good metaphors. They are sadly far more than metaphors. The personal Jesus has sanctioned a hit, “released” them from accountability that they never had to begin with. All who dare tread off their prescribed path beware.

As part of this effort Im getting tons of new visitors. I invite you to speak your mind, just short of no boundaries. The first comment goes to moderation, after its approved, you are free to say what you wish. Instead of just peeking in and running off, speak! Its what we are here for. Have the courage of convictions, and speak.

Or, stay in the shadows and scheme, rationalizing that behavior the same way all of it is rationalized. The strawmen are evil, and the ends justify the means.


5 thoughts on “Welcome Referrals

  1. My readership has tripled over the last several days, a third coming from my link in Dalrock. Maybe some of that writing on narcissism will have some small affect.

  2. Mine too, from facebook referrals of all things, I assume its linked in riducule.

    Expect fascist tactics, they are brewing

    Fascinating, you and your blog will, er….be reported….to the moderators at a forum?


  3. I’ve had a few extra hits these past few days. I rather hope the church ladies are snooping around…

  4. That’s what it is, ain’t it GRRREAT! Today may set a new all time high! The bestest thing is though that they can see the actual reactions to the stuff written, that they cant stay on topic, they can take discussions about ice cream flavors and make them about men who torture women. No one should be able to do that in a world populated with intelligent adult humans who can shine lights on it.

  5. It’s only because of their system over there. They sit behind moderators who are anything but and mock, ridicule and belittle anyone who doesn’t go along with Churchianity 2.0. Suggesting the word “slut” draws…..”you cannot judge!” instead of a recognition of a problem, and that guilt and shame often are the avenues to true repentance. True repentance is no longer tolerated since no women can sin, they are perfect in every way and to say otherwise is a tacit admission of misogyny.

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