North Country Review, Part I

The movie North Country is a feminist movie; in it Charlize Theron is a woman fleeing an abusive marriage and in order to get money for her own home she gets a job at a coal refinery.  It is supposedly a fictionalized account of the first sexual harassment case in the US. Takes place in 1984. This is my first part of a movie review which I will present now.

Good points including the cinematography and sheer quality of the movie overall. It’s very solidly good, without much fluff or confusion, and with good scene changes and camera perspective. The acting is also quite good–refreshing to see Woody Harrelson play a normal guy instead of a raving lunatic. In rather quiet roles are Richard Jenkins, Sean Bean and Sissy Spacek playing very down to earth working people in an understated way that I thought was really good. They reminded me of people I’ve met at work or at church socials or the like.

It’s funny, watching this movie. I realized watching this movie how much I truly deeply love women. I still do, even though in the last couple of years I’ve been dealt some hard blows. Watching Charlize Theron in this movie, I wanted her to succeed.

Having said that, this is a movie that I’m wary of, so far. The sheer number of sexist comments the woman gets, the sheer number of acts of sexual harassment you see from grabbing a woman’s breast or bottom to putting a sexual device in a woman’s lunchbox are so frequent they happen about every ten minutes. Now the thing is, I lived in the 80s; I was a kid then but I was in my teens. I don’t remember this. I honestly don’t. I don’t remember women getting sexually harassed left right and center. I remember it happening, but I don’t remember it happening so often. Now of course I’m not one, but I’m a mulatto male. I remember being treated with prejudice, and I also remember it not happening all the time. That doesn’t make the prejudice right though.

So I’m planning on finishing watching the movie tonight, but I’m wondering watching this if this is part of how feminists create opinion–by creating a story and making it utterly horrible, a version of reality where men are like Tolkien’s orcs or something, where every day they are out to get women, exploit them and degrade them. It doesn’t seem possible to say that some men do it and that it is wrong–it has to be nearly all men doing it.

I’m an observant man, I watch people curiously. Bear in mind that the scenes of sexual harassment happen with men present, sometimes several men. I don’t see it that way. I see the act as being bad without the math.

Anyway, thoughts from anyone else who has seen it are appreciated. More next time.


One thought on “North Country Review, Part I

  1. You watch it and I’ll read your views.

    The fictional presence of all those harassers doesn’t seem to be any different than the main thoughts of the majority of Christian women. Heck, it may be surprising that its not about murder and torture, by the way things get discussed.

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