Youtube blog by a young woman, worth taking a look at.


The thing is, what she’s saying is backed up by a number of leading 2nd Generation feminists who have been passing on the torch to the 3rd generation. This is ultimately the thin end of the wedge of total state control over humanity.

Nice points she makes about technology.


10 thoughts on “Zealots

  1. You know, she is a girl I want my son to meet. One point….the being raised on a farm….that is crucial. I know that in my home town which is farming, coal mining, and timber….full stop….it is still largely untouched by feminism. The problems that manifest there come straight off the TV, the narcissism and things that women have proclivities to act up about are rampant, meanwhile they somehow do see things as “mans work”, and the like, its a strange dichotomy.

    One guy on Dalrock made a comment the other day that we knew already but it was poignant anyway. He said that it makes no sense that any women deny being a feminist in the US, because though, for example, the Christian women may not like promiscuity (jury out on that) and slut walks and abortion, the marinate in the pool of feminism that is the United States, and Canada.
    The though coupled with this girls video gives me a corollary, that all women are feminists here unless they are ignorant (due to isolation in rural areas, and not even aware of the world around them) or they, like this girl, caught a snap and actively dragged themselves away and separate from the feminist norms. Their numbers are few.

    I do not see ever the common sense she displays gaining traction among women where they participate in the back lash in any number. It aint gonna happen. Its hard enough to convince men that there is a problem (see CF white knights locked in patterned thinking).

  2. Too many times my feelings of encouragement turn negative, wry at best. I see some cobbled together boats shoving off some coastline with men and a few women (like this one) fleeing angry mods of women and men under their power, seeing smoke billowing from the dystopian landscape they have created.

    If Margaret Atwood wasn’t a raging RAGING feminist, she could write an excellent story about this

  3. Oh I can’t stand Margaret Atwood – her writing sucks even if she wasn’t a feminist. I had to do a presentation on The Handmaid’s Tale in hight school when I was 18 and I was the only one who criticised it (boy was I nervous – lambasting a treasured Canadian icon and being graded on it, being the only one in the class with the guts to say anything critical…). The funny thing was, after class my (male, old school Dead Head) teacher talked to me and said, “I didn’t like it either!” Sweet sweet relief! LOL

    Anyway, all this won’t change things much in the present day but at least those who will be left with the unenviable task of rebuilding things might have a clue as to where to begin. Who knows; maybe I’m a bit too optimistic about that part of things, but you have to have a little bit of hope when you have kids going out into the world.

  4. I read Oryx and Crake and actually liked it, much better than Handmaids Tale. For some reason reading stuff like that is like wearing sack cloth or a hair shirt or some form of self flagellation because I feel the same way I feel after the magnesium citrate induced emptiness that precedes a colonoscopy.

  5. As I’m fond of saying, people don’t change for the most part unless the price of changing is less than the price of staying the same. Why would the average woman drop feminism? Feminism accomplishes the following things for women.
    1. There is no practical reason any longer to remain in any relationship with a man. (as it is perceived)

    2. They are free to indulge whatever emotions they want to.

    3. They have no inherent responsibility towards other people.

    4. Whatever they say is true if they can use the right buzzwords.

    5. If men get in their way they can attack their reputations and ruin their lives.

    Why give all that up for integrity? At heart #1 is the crux of the issue–with men, according to feminism, expendable beyond any degree to which they have been in history, why would they want to live in harmony with men? They have no need to. Imagine that this is the Titanic and all these women are being given the lifeboats. The relationship equivalent of that is happening all over North America. Now how many women on the Titanic said “Wait a minute, my husband has loved me all my life, he’s a good man, I’m going to stay!” how many of them really argued hard? Not many, obviously. Fair enough. In the present case, men are expendable but they don’t die right away, see. They aren’t being mowed down on the Western Front. They’re walking dead in many cases. And it’s not even a matter of life and death or war.

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