Empathy and Whats to Eat

The stories coming out this week about government enforcers digging through little kid’s lunch boxes ruined my appetite. Make no mistake, liberalism goes hand in hand with feminism. Why else the term nanny state?

How many radio adverts do you hear daily that end with “visit http://www.do-this-very-common-sense-thing-that-you-neednt-be-reminded-to-do.com , brought to you by the Ad Council”

Hot outside? Stay in shade and drink water.

Don’t throw burning things into dry woods.

Piles of oily rags are bad.

Don’t run with scissors.

Oh, and those lunch boxes need to have the following in them or the children will be force fed.

Who IS the Ad Council? It is government, and I assume the stimulus package is keeping lots of small and mid market radio stations afloat running these moronic ads. But other than the fact that they are annoying and cost us all a fortune, they seed the minds of people with the notion that none of us can make even the most basic choices without outside help. And who are the outside helpers? Women.

Women enforce lunch boxes, and women enforce home owners association rules. Women worry about so many things I’ve come to believe that this meddling is an emotional pressure relief valve. A state of fear exists in the form of “but what if they don’t __________________ (fill in good behavior choice)?

Does any of this, the ads, the searching of lunch boxes, ribbons on lapels and rubber bracelets, symbols over substance, does any of it do any good?


It makes women directly or vicariously FEEL as if they are doing something, controlling something, and affords mental rest to them. That shared sense of accomplishment is more  empathy, run amok.




2 thoughts on “Empathy and Whats to Eat

  1. I’ve come to believe that this meddling is an emotional pressure relief valve.

    The perils of a load of unclaimed/ loosely bound women running around and being allowed into positions of power. If they were owned by a man and getting a good rogering regularly, how much you wanna bet there would be a lot less of this meddling?

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