Empathetic over Ovulation

Rev. Katherine Ragsdale was a guest on the O’Reilly Factor, a program I was once mesmerized by until I discovered the host is an idiot. Full disclosure I am a Christian and a conservative, but I cannot listen to O’Reilly. He had a guest host, and this Reverend  who is a muckity muck in (no shock) the Episcopal church was there to lay her divine feminine soul bare.

She has perfected the feminist ability to bend our language. This, coupled with the fact that speaking plainly hurts feelings, hence is not PC, has rendered communication between factions impossible. Liberal side scores 1, but its a big 1 because its a change in rules, not a point scored.

By calling birth control and even abortion “health care”, then ranting about the cabal of conservatives who wish to block access to health care for women, this woman probably appealed to that large demographic that I call the ignorant with a pinch of apathy. I saw a poll result where a large group was asked about the VP of the U.S. Nearly 50% were unaware of the identity of the VP, 5% said it is Dick Cheney. They didnt share the demographic breakdown, and I suspect there was a reason for that. I also suspect there would be a large overlap between those who fall for the redefined language where contraception and abortion are healthcare, and two other groups. One are the “highly educated” females mainly in academia, and the other are those who cannot name the VP.

The point here is not about contraception, nor is it about abortion, and I refuse to take a blog down that path anyway. The point isn’t about the separation of church and state though that is acutely germane in this matter. The point here is language, and how it has been made to languish in nebulous redefined terms that suit the purposes of victim mentality. I mean what kind of monster would prevent a woman access to birth control? Never mind that that’s never been at issue, it stokes sympathy and empathy, hence it is good.

The church has been led along the feminized path parallel if not exactly contemporary with society at large. The pathetic white knights in the church are responsible, because what is ostensibly a male led organization has taken on the gender equivalent of white guilt and deferred all leadership to women save the figurehead.

Oh, but just you wait. It will get worse.

The Reverand Ragsdale (golly, there are some puns built into that…) is the poster, er,…..gurl …..for the end game of evangelical feminism. We will yield the pulpit, then we will yield the very essence and identity of God if we do not man up and stop it. Presently “man up” means better serve the women, add some Skin so Soft to the foot wash and use a loofah. Nope, sorry. The water basin needs to be shoved under the bed unless and until such time as it is given its correct context. That men man up means a corrective, not an invective.

Strap in….(or on?….eh…more bad puns, sorry).

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