Disposable Men


So this is a link to a woman’s youtube blog that is rather interesting. I encourage people to read it.  I see it as balanced and intelligently written. Just a warning for those who are shocked by rough language, she uses a few obscene remarks but I think this is mitigated by her clarity and intelligent remarks.

The idea she generally presents is that men in a sense must be more disposable than women for a society to prosper, but that currently men are despised at the same time. So…what’s the motivation for doing what men traditionally do?

We all know that there are bad guys out there. The question is–are bad guys less likely to be bad when good guys have less motivation to protect women? Like seriously, if even becoming involved with a woman can be something that threatens women, then good men will avoid them out of a desire to be good. They will avoid being protective out of a desire to avoid demeaning the woman trying to stand up for herself, etc etc. Anyway watch the video.


4 thoughts on “Disposable Men

  1. Girl Writes What is a solid blogstress

    Imagine the clear contrast she states, the woman gets rescued every time, presented to the CF crowd. What will be their answer?

  2. I’m impressed! (And I’m going to put her on my blog.) Your question:
    “…are bad guys less likely to be bad when good guys have less motivation to protect women?”
    really hit a nerve. When I see “Manosphere” statements that can be used as excuses by sleazy, irresponsible men, I cringe, even when those statements are true. There ARE sleazy, irresponsible men out there who mooch and take advantage, who genuinely despise every single woman. I don’t want to give them any slack, any more than I want to give slack to women of the same character. The word “motivation” gave me a light-bulb moment. A moral man with no motivation to do good, will most likely either do good anyway, or at least try not to do harm. An immoral man with no motivation to do good, is a dangerous and destructive force. The feminist principle of despising men for being men, is actively creating MORE of the monsters against which moral women (and men) preach.

    “Bad guys” will almost always be bad and “good guys” will almost always be good. The vast majority of the population falls somewhere in between, and they have less and less motivation to be good.

  3. Correct. In feminist discourse on a topic, the female comments presuppose the bad man as the topics protagonist. Try and discuss sex, the man is a porn addict, try and discuss divorce,,,,just divorce in general, its abusive men creating all the no fault divorce….

    Im not sure I follow what you mean about the sleazy manosphere dudes , Im not disagreeing, Im asking you to give an example or clarify. I do so because I am not sold out to the manosphere by a long shot, and it may be the same reason. would be interesting to compare

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