This is Empathomungous!

From a comment at Dalrocks blog

I have a friend who’s been married for almost ten years to her fifth husband. He’s a strong, mature, moral man, and she knows she’s lucky to have him. Before she met him she spent twenty years married to, and divorced from, four different men who were alcoholics, drug addicts, sociopaths and violent abusers. Beth married most of the men she slept with so she wasn’t a slut. She was a classic drama queen though, always looking for Mr. Right while embroiled in juvenile, spiteful conflicts with her “terrible” exes.

I was close to her when she met #5 and fell under the influence of his guidance and his endless patience. The transformation in her was truly amazing. She allowed this man to lead her. She followed his financial advice and cut up her credit cards. She accepted his advice in disciplining her children. She even let him intervene in, and take control of, an ongoing conflict with the father of two of her children, which may well have saved her son’s future. (Time will tell.) She finally grew up and fulfilled her potential.

She was never a “bad person” although she did have a couple of LTRs that “didn’t work out,” between her marriages. She’s generous and loving, and devoted to her children and her parents. Heck, the same preacher counseled her through all four divorces. She is very happy now and she likes her peaceful life, but she still rationalizes her past behavior. She honestly believes that her actions were justified, that she was lashing out in “necessary” self defense against attacks from her exes. She once said to me, “I know God has a plan. I know there must be a reason why so many bad things happen in my life.”

Cue the personal Jesus!

All you have to do is imagine that the personal Jesus is managing everything the way you imagine it fits into your own thinking, allowing for the best possible impression of the overall picture that can be derived.

God has a plan

God is putting up roadblocks (she doesnt want to do something)

God is opening doors (she wants to do this)

God is testing my resolve (she is trying to do something stupid and its not turning out well but she cant see its stupid)

The endless cliches created could be represented by a clever animation of the personal Jesus saying these things on her shoulder.


2 thoughts on “This is Empathomungous!

  1. The thing is, back in the 60s/70s the idea of validating people’s emotions took wing and became a popular catchphrase. Like many such trends, I believe that the original idea was to acknowledge that the feelings might be valid–so as not to get caught up in arguing about them, and in order to acknowledge people’s honest hurts and confusion. It was a compassionate idea. I believe that it was originally like dealing with a child’s misery–“Yes, I realize you are upset. However you need to learn that just because I say no doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” That’s what it was meant for.

    The problem is that it has become like a leech on our common sense, draining it away. Rather than being literally just a validation of the feeling but not of the reality it supposedly perceives, it becomes a validation of the feeling itself.

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