Excommunicated From Empathia

Is it a bad thing to display a pathological lack of empathy? I suppose, yes. But what is a lack of empathy? Is lack of empathy the same as being unable to empathize?

This questions comes to mind, and is appropriate for those men who have moved beyond empathy as rote reaction to certain triggers, or empathy for female approval. When a man hears “single mom” for example in an appeal to charity, he has been trained to at least sympathize, to treat it with the exact same emotion as “paraplegic from industrial accident”. One would not ask the accident victim to describe the accident in order to gauge worthiness of sympathetic feelings, and therefore one is never to ask the circumstances surrounding the oft chosen path of the single mom.

Similarly, “I/she was abused” seeks unqualified, unequivocal sympathy and its requisite action. Anything less is cold, heartless, monstrous.


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