Empathious Interuptus

If I stay with my analogy of the quest for empathy in women being somewhat analogous to the quest for sex in men, I guess I need to dig more deeply into the comparison and examine things like the empathy equivalent of promiscuity, birth control, maybe even infertility. There are useful analogies in all of these with empathy.

Empathious interuptus is a trend. Its the present trend, slow to build, of reacting to once knee jerk empathy generators with accountability in mind, and even potential derision. A woman on a tear to get empathy who comes against the wet blanket/cold shower combo of the guy who starts asking questions can have fits of superhuman strength. I heard one lifted her huge ass off a couch to slap a guy once….where it would normally take like, I don’t know, some mules or something like a Peterbuilt to get it done normally.

The interrupted empathagasm generates high blood pressure and a desire to do something NOW. What she will do is double down in the creation of an empathy worthy event (EWE). The EWE standard is slowly getting pushed higher, which is limiting a womans ability to achieve empathagasm except same sex empathagasm. If same sex empathagasm was satisfying, there would be entirely less acrimony with men in the quest for white knights to show empathy.


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