Beth….Moore Empathy

At a certain stadium in Chicago, Beth more sold more seats than even Elton John had recently sold, she is a record breaker, a mover, yea, even a shaker, and no matter how much she puts out, man oh man, women want Moore!


First, and not to spend too much time on it, you can find all sorts of scholarly rebuttal of Moore’s brand of Christianity, her exegesis, her flawed reasoning, and her skewed focus just using Google and some keywords. That as a topic is well beyond the scope of a blog post. You can, and should go read that material on your own if you are prone to hang on her words.

But why do women flock to hear Beth Moore speak? What is the thread that stretches through everything she does, her books and speeches, her interviews and dare I say…sermons?

Simply this…..she expresses empathy for low self esteem.

I submit that craving empathy is a generally female trait regardless of culture and environment. Left alone, a group of women at any time in history, from any country in the world will end up establishing a basis for empathy if they are to later report that the gathering was a nice time for all involved. However, low self esteem seems to be limited to not just western counties, but mostly English speaking ones.

Women flock to hear Beth Moore because she tells them things like they have “lost their God Confidence”…whatever that even is. How to be a Princess in a not so Princess world, that kind of nonsense. Ask the women who attend these conferences if there is an aspect of accountability to them, or to any women’s ministry for that matter and they will solemnly proclaim that they were shown bold hard truths that were hard to swallow, why of course they were challenged to be better women. In reality they were told they are already great and wonderful, and given tools to use to see than in themselves. Oh, and did I mention there was lots of empathy?

The empathy flows, you can buy it in a souvenir cup and take the cup home. The hugging and  crying, if not for this being a Christian conference and all ya know, would have them writhing in group multiple empathagasms. Its the closest thing to crossing that line heterosexual women will ever experience.



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