Empathy, and a Mirror

Christian women have cooked up all sorts of schemes to avoid responsibility for the marriage relationship, while very cleverly maintaining an appearance as the keepers of the marriage, the ones who care enough to notice problems and work to fix them. I once gave credit for the complexity of the scheme and how successful it has been. Not so much anymore, Ive decided that this along with other behavioral and rhetorical manipulations are hardwired instinctive talents that offset the general physical superiority of men. Anthropologically its been studied and explained that women were necessarily manipulative as a biological imperative. Apply a touch of societal evolution and individual adaptation to it, and you can see that the skills for manipulation have grown to beyond just assuring her a place in the home or village. Its even gone past assuring her an EQUAL place in home and village to actually placing her at the very best position one can be in….that of having unrestrained influence and near zero responsibility for outcome.

By mining Bible lexicons and translating tools, inferring meanings based on similar usage of words from other texts, employing the excuse that some things in the Bible are only relevant to the culture contemporary to when they were written, by plugging in words out of context with the ease of substituting variables in algebra (yet unlike math, here the answer is preordained) women have built an entire gender theology that secures their centrality far beyond the wildest dreams of secular feminists. I give credit to Christian feminists, which Ive come to realize is near synonymous with Christian women generally, for at once promoting self to utmost heights and kicking the ladder off the ledge, while hiding behind the traditionalism that is perceived of the church. They have dealt with sex and their gatekeeper role, their craving for empathy calling it the soul and emotional connection prescribed in the Bible, their controlling nature as personal Jesus for their mates, and their freedom to drop the marriage for any reason by stretching the meanings of words like abuse beyond credulity. The are at the top of their game.

One very big achievement was when they created the wife as mirror concept. This means the wife merely reflects back the husband. She cannot be responsible for anything because nothing originates with her. Her good is his good, her bad is his bad….oh….wait, take away the part about good……just her bad is his bad, her good is her own, because God gave her that, and He updates her minute by minute on where the husband ought to be and how she can get him there.  That is a help meet folks. This distresses secular feminists because it seems at first glance to make a woman not an autonomous being; rather it makes her just an effect to the mans cause. If the secular feminists realized how insidious this all actually works in practice there would be a stampede from the slut walk to the alter call as they all would want to get somma dat!

As a Christian and a linear thinker, this offends me greatly. It rationalizes

divorce for any reason

spoils of divorce, money, property, kids

pain of divorce

false accusations of abuse, or calling arguments abuse

constant nagging and bitching to get husband on (her) the right track

getting empathy for either staying married or divorcing

always being the innocent

etc…..add your own here, this is not comprehensive

I am offended because I read my Bible, and came to my faith because of the gospel story and the foundation to and answers about thew world it offered me. It had nothing at all to do with what the bible said about gender relations, and frankly it still doesn’t. Just like it has nothing to do with any advice or command on how to comport as human beings…these are just, Ive realized over time, the best ways laid out by the designer for the designed ones to interact and form a functional society.

The women seem to find gender matters to be of utmost import, launching studies that fixate not on edification of God, of the body of Christ, of anyone else, but of themselves and their gender. They have found a BFF in Jesus to say “go girl” no matter what they want to do, and they have an imaginary buddy on their shoulder who is their alter ego…..but he is god. He actually LISTENS, and accepts her input, when they read that he understands, they take that to mean that he hears her out as she lays out her case, and then he makes up his mind, given her input and her emotions about a situation, and he usually sees things her way. Imagine that would you, the creator of the universe is just like we want others to be towards us, he isn’t hasty and never judges, he is all about going where her heart takes her and he is there to support her whatever her decisions are. She can then at the highest point say “God told me to XYZ”….and no matter what XYZ is, it is hence legitimized.

Our church is being dragged right along with this, and this is amazing, because men actually take serious what they are admonished to do in how we treat women. (be clear here folks, sure some men don’t do this but if I have to write this disclaimer for you I invite you to close the page and read something on another blog, I wont make it again) Men want women to be happy, so men will avoid anything in the Bible that makes a woman uncomfortable, men will support those women who have found rhetorical ways around sex and submission.

Know this secular feminists, Christian women have outrun you in the race to marginalize men. If you can stand the taste of speaking Christianese, you can join them at the front of the line.

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