Anecdotal Proof, Empathy over reason

A man and his wife are struggling mightily in the financial crisis, on the brink of losing their home to foreclosure, a small business that is at best break even, and mounting bills on top of bills accumulated during a period of extended unemployment. Things have taken a turn for the better, he has a new job and things are pretty much steady, the foreclosure is stalled, and most bills are being serviced.

Wife decides she wants to attend medical school, she is 43. Husband wants her to work and bring in extra money, and not spend money on schooling that will require 12 years minimum. Fast forwarding, the situation gets reconciled through a combination of things, they file chapter 13 bankruptcy, and the wife changes her goal to being a nurse, one she can achieve in a couple of years and indeed start contributing meaningfully to the ultimate financial recovery of the family.

But there are women in the periphery who are incensed. They see the dream of the wife being shattered as an affront to a woman being able to self determine, that the threat of losing a home, where 4 kids and 5 pets live is actually just a male trump card with which he asserts his power and forces her to stop chasing her dream.

You can see the woman ranting about it here:

The poster is called Psalm63, and she is infamous for taking such positions.

So, empathy for the dream (unrealistic) of a middle aged woman becoming a neurologist trumps the stone cold reality of a family losing everything to foreclosure and back taxes.

Amazing, true story of empathy over reason.






One thought on “Anecdotal Proof, Empathy over reason

  1. Not only that, but won’t let it go either, believes this is PROOF of something or other. Yet the SAME EXAMPLE–a woman who is worried about her husband doing the same thing–receives sympathy, practical advice, etc.

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