Feminism and Lara Croft

I think that I have pegged the two main reasons why a lot of guys are disappointed in feminism.

First of all–it’s not what we hoped it would be.

The average guy is kind of like a Hobbit. He doesn’t really want adventures, though he likes to hear about them; he doesn’t want to make great intellectual achievements, write novels or establish political truths. What he wants is peace and quiet and some fun now and then. And so the idea of feminism strikes this guy as being fair, not unreasonable. Except it doesn’t buy him peace and quiet. Let’s face it, the average guy often votes for peace and quiet, unless he’s going to starve otherwise. But he’s found that it is actually HARDER WORK being a guy involved with a woman now. He doesn’t find that feminism creates more equal partnership–he finds that he has to be even MORE of a man now.

For example–where before he was the man of the house and could be deferred to now and then, he has to share authority with a wife. Fair enough–except not really. He actually still has to do all the same things while pretending not to do it. He can expect to have to try even harder than his predecessors to read his wife’s mind, because she’s not going to bother learning how to be direct without being a bitch, because feminism told her she shouldn’t have to. He has to learn to project even more confidence, he has to learn how to be firm without being dictatorial, because she will not share the emotional responsibility for making the relationship work. He has to somehow compete with her for making money because she won’t respect him if he doesn’t, and has to be a good dad without making her look like a bad mom if he does a better job. He has to be a good and passionate lover but somehow not be demanding. And if he ever complains that this isn’t really fair, he’ll be accused of being a wimp.

The other thing is that there is literally only one thing that has enabled men to put up with women’s emotional roller coasters for countless generations–finding them attractive. Yet feminists attack this urge, not realizing that it is literally the only uniting factor. Seriously: every guy knows this and a lot of women do too. If you didn’t find them attractive, half the time you wouldn’t even want them around. But feminism has established very clearly that women don’t really need men for anything other than companionship. You don’t have to be a genius to see this as a recipe for disaster, because anyone who’s not totally hypnotized by feminism knows that men and women are basically rather different in their approaches to life. Companionship? I don’t know about those reading this but how often do you want to hang out with your friends? Now and then a long time together is fun–a camping trip (if you like camping trips) or a day of celebration, or a games night or whatever–with some friends you might do it as often as once a week. But seriously, anyone who’s ever had a good friend as a roomate knows it creates strain on the relationship. Let alone realizing you’re stuck with the other person. Literally, the binding factors in marriage or long term intimate companionship are sex, finances and kids. So feminists, being the cunning marxists they are, destroyed the very basic reasons for being married to begin with.

What a mess.


One thought on “Feminism and Lara Croft

  1. Yea, love this commenting on our own blog but soon we can open the flood gates and get…..oh I dont know, a reader maybe?
    Anyway, just joshin. I like this post a lot.

    The idea that sex and kids and maybe financial necessity are binders, especially sex and attraction, sits well beside the other thing that the sex and attraction thingy does, that is keeps men from taking control of the world by force. The little bit of power that women have on their own is sexual mainly, the next batch of power is given to them from men, but still motivated by sexuality, then finally there is some moral component to not running rough shod over a gender because you are bigger or stronger.

    As you say they have attacked men’s sexuality, and as you can see in their writing they decry their own attractiveness. Here they create a conundrum, they don’t want you to find them attractive but damn it you better find them attractive.

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