The original idea of empathy is the capacity to recognize and possibly share feelings experienced by another being. At heart it’s not a bad concept. For example when I’ve been away from my dog for a while I empathize with her loneliness and with her delight in seeing me again.Empathy is also referred to by some as emotional intelligence. It is not a bad thing to have. However I find that increasingly it has taken precedence over other forms of intelligence and made it hard to say things that are truthful.

One of the things that has made the rise of feminism possible is use of empathy to gain sympathy for feminist causes. It has also been used to establish a basis of argument for its own cause. This is not the first time such things have happened. In a social revolution one of the likely things to happen is a feeling of overwhelming sympathy for those who share the revolutionary ideals and overwhelming loathing for those who do not. This is what happened with the feminist revolution. By identifying patriarchy as the enemy, it stood to reason that the ones who gained the most from patriarchy were men, and therefore every man who did not firmly identify with the revolution was loathsome. The only justice was that perceived by feminism, which was based on empathy with the struggles of women as perceived by feminism.

But is empathy based on empathy only with one’s own kind really empathy? If empathy is compassion, then shouldn’t feminists for example encourage empathy with their enemies as well?

Not really. Deceased writer and professor Mary Daly taught that Christianity was a cult that served the ends of the patriarchy, including all of its ideals. At heart feminism, rooted in marxism, despises Christianity. Along with it love your enemies, bless those who curse you.

In a world governed by false empathy (Empathia) it is impossible to criticize the feminist revolution without being accused of being lacking in compassion. I will be exploring how the feminist revolution is selective in its compassion and encourages the continuance of that. Because it is selective it does not pursue justice and mercy for all. There is only one word for such a regime: tyranny. So seen that way, Empathia is a reign of terror.


One thought on “Empathia

  1. Empathy is dystopian….yes…an over used word coupled with “feminist”, the feminist dystopia though is as unavoidable as the socialist dystopia, the one we see with Greeks rioting in the street, wait, they are one and the same, and as far fetched as the image is (remember I said the hugging women after natural disaster was empathy imagery) the snarling crowds throwing rocks at riot police are motivated by……empathy. Violence above and beyond mere civil disobedience motivated by empathy?

    You betcha

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